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The Dietmar Krämer method

Dr. Edward Bach has been unable to expand or refine his work. Who did and still does is Dietmar Krämer, a German healing practitioner. With his vast knowledge, he has the healing method of Dr. Bach deepened. He has developed a method in which it is possible to peel problems layer by layer until you get to the deepest underlying problem. The following below already gives a piece of how the new therapies of Dietmar Krämer connect to the original work of Dr. med. Bach.

Question: How long do you have to apply essences before there is any result?

Many answers are possible to this question. For an acute situation you can e.g. Put 2 drops of Walnut in a glass of water and take small sips. With that you achieve results in such a case. If, however, it is a problem that has been around for a long time, then far more details must of course be known to be able to determine which remedies are appropriate for that person.

Fig. 1 represents a seesaw in balance. With this we indicate the balance that symbolizes us in our natural state. This balance allows us to properly absorb all the lessons and experiences that come our way in the course of our lives. By successfully weathering these situations, we can continue to develop. However, we do not all succeed in fulfilling all our duties without some struggle or deviation slowing us down or mislead us.

Fig. 2 has someone who is highly skilled and enjoys his work. On a certain day, the feeling that his work will become a heavier burden for him than he has realized. At this stage, this is not yet a firmly rooted problem. A slight adjustment is needed to restore this balance. However, if he does nothing to regain his balance, the feeling of falling short will get a hold. Then a snowball effect occurs: it goes e.g. doubting his own ability, while before he was full of confidence. This can lead to all sorts of other negative states of mind.

Fig. 3. If this slide continues, he will eventually – after a period of 1 to maybe 20 years – discover that he has completely lost his balance. (Fig. 4). His problem has since taken root so firmly that he is heavily burdened by tensions, worries and fears. This is reflected in the fact that he collapses physically. Depending on what is physically his weak point, his feeling of unease will be exacerbated by the occurrence of stomach problems, respiratory problems, etc. If he is lucky to be in such a good condition that this kind of ailments does not occur, he will probably mentally collapse (position D).

FIG. 4 Conclusion: How long it takes for the essences to have a positive effect depends on the position in which the person in question is on the slope. It will be clear that if you are going to handle position A, nothing will change in the balance of the seesaw. That is precisely the answer if you work with essences according to the new therapies from Dietmar Krämer.

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