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The Gold Series

These essences are here to accompany us as we move into the golden dawn of a new level of consciousness on planet earth. Just as the Indigos helped us to move out of the darkness, the Gold Series will help us to anchor the dawn energies while we learn to be in this new vibration. The days, weeks and months to come will bring a lot of chaos as we move through the transition period. We may witness events on a global level that make us feel profoundly sad or angry or hopeless. Rather than staying stuck in these energies it is important that we anchor and vibrate energies of Truth, Love, Peace and Hope for the highest and best result for all. The essences of the Gold Series are here to help us hold those loving vibrations in our energetic fields. By holding these energies in our field we will affect others around us and help them to come into balance too.

the gold series - product overview

Bubble of Love

This channelled essence contains elements of the ancient feminine energy of Ireland, an energy that is both compassionate and extremely strong. This essence will help us let go of the energies of scarcity, lack, struggle and conflict and hold in our field energies of love and ease, which are our birthright. Holding the energy of love in our field during this time of transition will help us, and the people around us, to stay in our hearts no matter what conflicts arise.


Connecting with the energy of gratitude raises our vibration and is an important tool on days when we feel fearful or depressed. The law of attraction pertains to our thoughts just as much as it does to manifestations of material things. So if you feel depressed, the law of attraction will attract more thoughts of depression to your field, lowering your vibration and leading to a downward spiral of negativity. Sit with Gratitude when you feel down and within minutes you will feel a lightness coming into your being. This lightness will attract more of the same and in this way, you can raise your vibration.


The essence of Peace, as channeled by a very wonderful young boy called Josh. In times of war and chaos, sit with this essence to bring the energy of peace into your field. As you begin to vibrate peace so you will affect others around you to do the same. Put drops of this essence in a bowl of water in a central place in your home to help bring the energy of Peace into your space.

True Colors

True Colours is a deeply nourishing essence that fills us with mother energy, which is another term for unconditional love For men and women, this essence will fill any voids left by lack of maternal love, or lack of acceptance of maternal love which can lead to lack of acceptance of self and thereby attempts to fit in to society by changing who we are. This essence will also help us to feel totally comfortable with ourselves and help us to know that we are ok, that it is ok to speak the truth of who we are and what we feel even if that is different to what the majority of people feel.


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