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pink essence blends

A set of four essence blends to help you make final preparations for your shift in consciousness. These blends are best taken in sequence. The Pinks vibrate at 528 hz, sometimes known as the frequency of Love and come from a dimension where the original blueprint for higher consciousness is intact. They’ve come to offer their energies in support of our transition from Fear to Love. They will help us move into our new vibration by holding higher dimensional energies in our field, making it easier for us to make the transition.

The Pinks will also help to anchor a higher vibration in the space you inhabit. In this way they are a wonderful addition to a therapy room or sacred space. Placed in the home, they can help raise the vibration of the building which is particularly helpful to the very sensitive New Children who find the lower, older energies hard to live with.

The original 13 Pink Essences were channelled in 2006 and produced as 13 individual bottles and as a boxed set. We would now like to offer them in a more manageable grouping of 4 blends. If you prefer to take a single Pink Essence or have been asked to take a single Pink by your therapist then select the blend with your essence in it and say which number you need in the comment box at the checkout and we will send that single bottle out to you.

PINK ESSENCE BLENDS - product overview

get set

Blend of Pink Essences 6, 7, 8 & 12
Let go of any remaining distorted believes about self love, refresh and renew your energy, awaken potentials in you DNA and finally free yourself from any remaining ties between you and people who haven’t been able to accomplish their life purpose.


Blend of Pink Essences 5 & 13 Connect to Source energy and ….. jump into your new mission


Blend of Pink Essences 2, 3 & 4
Connect to your healing team, integrate downloaded information and connect to a stronger sense of your self, your sovereign I AM Being.


Blend of Pink Essences 1, 9, 10 & 11
Integrate and reconnect all aspects of yourself, release any remaining energies of abuse of power, transmute any remaining fears and complete family or ancestral karma.


Indigo Essences can be ordered separately at

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