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Wooden crates; made to measure

Making high-quality wooden boxes made to measure is one of our passions. Star Remedies B.V. is one of the leading suppliers in the field of high-quality, custom-made wooden crates. In addition, it is possible to have both wine boxes and champagne boxes made entirely according to your own wishes. A wooden box; tailored.

Our wooden boxes are distinguished by the very high quality characterized by their beautiful, diverse and high-quality appearance. With the traditional experiences from the past applied in the present, we can help you create innovative, practical and above all high-quality wooden boxes focused on quality. Since our inception, we have focused exclusively on producing high-quality wooden boxes.

Environmentally Friendly
By using high-quality EU quality wood, we emit less CO2 than when compared to importing wood. The forests where the wood is harvested are under control and for every tree that is harvested, 2 trees are planned back. By using old, traditional skills, we turn every wooden box into any shape or size into a high-quality product.

Our wooden crates are custom made using traditional, woodworking techniques as well as semi-automatic production processes.

Wood species
We use various types of wood for the wooden crates; such as Lindehout and Pinewood, because these types of wood come from the EU, are harvested locally and are therefore immediately available. These types of wood are extremely suitable for making wooden crates because they are both strong and light, so that they can be easily processed and can be provided with various layers of lacquer and a wide range of colors. You can also choose from wood species such as beech, birch and poplar and, on request, also certified hardwood.

Drying process
The raw wood enters planks, after which they are stacked in the open air, with distance between the planks, giving them time to breathe. The wooden boards are then cured in special ovens for 3 to 5 days.

Production process
After curing and after drying the wood, the boards are sawn into thin panels which are then used to make the desired product. After this, the slots are feared and the hinges are inserted, both visible and hidden. In addition to the traditional groove, we can also install a special V-groove which ensures that the wooden case does not open further than 90 degrees. After the hinges have been applied, the crates are thoroughly sanded and then they are sprayed in special paint booths where the excess paint is suctioned off. The desired colors and a protected coating are applied in the spray booths. Drying the wooden crates takes 2 to 3 days, after which the batter is applied. The wooden crates are then checked for quality once more and then the crates are packed.

You can also let us design your wooden boxes to suit your taste and wishes. The design takes place in mutual speech so that your wishes are incorporated into the final model. In addition, you can also decide yourself what characteristics the wooden box should have; including color, shape, size, content, hinges etc. etc.

All wooden crates are made to measure and therefore Star Remedies B.V. only make a quotation based on your specified request containing the type of box, size, color and other wishes. The quotation is always offered with price scales in quantities ranging from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 8,000. Our terms and conditions apply to all our deliveries and quotations.

Place order
Placing an order with us is simple. After we have received an officially written order request, we will send you a digital drawing with the sizes that you must sign for approval, also with a company stamp. In addition, you will receive confirmation with the agreed prices and the wishes that you have made known to us in writing. The wooden crates are supplied FOB (free on board). You are responsible for shipping from our location in the Netherlands. Of course we can also arrange the shipment for you with carriers such as Kühne & amp; Nagel, Wim Bosman Logistics, UPS, Fedex and other carriers. After receiving the signed documents, with your signature and stamp, and after receiving your down payment, we will start producing your products.

Minimum order size
The minimum order size is 50 wooden boxes.

Production time
The average delivery time, for example 1000 wooden boxes, is at least 6 to 8 weeks. Larger orders are subject to mutually agreed delivery times. From the moment that you have confirmed your order to us by fax or by post and your deposit has been received by us, we will start producing your product. Your order will be accepted by us only after receipt of all documents with your signature and date on each page.

For customers in the Benelux, a deposit of 50% applies upon order, for delivery the remaining 50% must be paid. For other countries 100% deposit applies.

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