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according TO edward bach

1 in 240 dilution
original stockbottles
handmade in England

Quality recognized

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Prince of Wales – Prince Charles and the late Queen Mother have personally rewarded Ainsworths with the predicate royal / purveyor to the royal court. For years the Ainsworths Bach Flower essences have been used by the English Royal House. The Ainsworths Bach Flower essences are made in exactly the same method as Dr. Edward Bach also made them and are therefore Original Bach Flower Essences.

Royal supplier

Ainsworths has the honor of being appointed Royal Warrant Holder for the delivery of their homeopathic medicines to HM the Queen, HM the Queen Mother and HRH the Prince of Wales. Approved with three acknowledgments as purveyor to the Royal Household by appointment by HRH Prince Charles, HM the Queen and HM the Queen Mother. This appointment is only granted to companies that hold exemplary standards.

Original Bach Flower Essences

The Bach flower essences are just as essential as when they were discovered. At Ainsworths the essences of the same plants are prepared as those of Dr. Edward Bach used. Only species that grow in the wild are used. The Ainsworths Bach Flower essences are made on the basis of brandy with a dilution of 1: 240. Edward Bach made his bach essences. Ainsworths Bach Flower essences are both loose and per 10 ml. set available. Although Dr. Edward Bach was a homeopath by profession, he clearly stated that his Bach flower essences were and are absolutely not homeopathic preparations.

Ainsworths Emergency Cream

This cream is produced using a unique formulation that is 100% natural and contains only natural preservatives. This is especially important for a bach blossom cream, which is intended as a mild “holistic” cream. By using natural preservatives, the natural energy of the product is preserved.

Ainsworths Emergency cream contains only 100% natural ingredients!

Composition: Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Mimulus, Aspen, White Chestnut

Ainsworths Recovery Plus

Ainsworths’ Recovery combination essence with added flowers essences

1 in 240 dilution

Ainsworths makes Bach Flower essences in accordance with the writings of Dr. med. Edward Bach with a dilution of 1 to 240. This means that 1 drop of mother tincture is diluted to 240 drops of brandy. This features a powerful bach flowers. NOTE : 1 in 240 is different from 1 in 240%!


Ainsworths produces in the same way that Dr. Edward Bach made his Bach essences. The production process contains a lot of manual work, whereby attention to the Bach flowers is essential. Ainsworths makes Original Bach Flower Essences exactly as and in the spirit of Dr. Edward Bach and Nora Weeks.


Ainsworths Bach Flower essences are made from plants, shrubs and trees that grow in areas where no people come.


Ainsworths Bach Flower Essences can be ordered separately at

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Recovery Cream

Uniquely formulated 100% natural cream with only natural preservatives. By using natural preservatives, the natural energy of the product is preserved.

Recovery Remedy

Ainsworths produces 2 types of first aid essences; Ainsworths Recovery 10ml. and Ainsworths Recovery PLUS 20ml. Recovery 10ml. contains the standard 5 bach flowers while the Recovery Plus in addition to the 5 standard bach flowers also Mimulus, Aspen & White chesnut.

Bach Flower Sets

Ainsworths Bach flower essences are supplied in green leather cases. The set consists of 38 bach blossoms with 2 extra Recovery Essences. These original bach flower essences are available in 10 ml. stockbottles.


Ainsworths Bach blossom essences are made exclusively as 10ml. stock bottles.

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