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Flower essences from the Netherlands and the rest of the world

Flower Essences are made from flowers, blossoms, plants, shrubs and even trees. Flower essences are characterized by changing the emotional negative state of mind in people and animals into positive characteristics. Flower essences are ideal for both humans and animals and are easy to use. This does not mean that emotions and the human psyche are simple! Flower essences are vibrations from the blossoms and therefore offer the perfect support on the road to emotional recovery.

Flower essences provide the perfect support for our daily emotional imbalances such as anxiety, panic, stress and other negative states of mind. Flower essences are able to peel off this emotional ballast layer by layer.

There are many diverse types of Flower essences and vibrational essences worldwide; made from precious stones. We sell the brands; Star Remedies, Ainsworths, Indigo Essences, Animal Essences, Healing Herbs, Australian Bush Flower Essences and the Californian FES essences. Flower essences offer a nice support to deal with emotional problems.

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How are flower essences made?

Making flower essences often has a long lead time before the maker starts making them. It takes a lot of effort and intention towards the flowers to transfer the quality of this to the existing well water bowl. Sharing information from plants and flowers can often take a long time, but can also be short. This has to do with the bond that the maker has with the plant and also in how far his own piece has been developed in it.

Edward Bach, the founder of the Bach Flower Therapy, took a bowl filled with spring water and made sure that the entire surface of the bowl was filled with flowers. The bowl with the flowers is then placed in full sun and after a certain time the bowl was taken out of the sun and the flowers removed. After this the same amount of cognac was added; as an example; 1 liter of spring water mixed with 1 liter of cognac. This is then the mother tincture. The other method is to cook the plants, especially in the winter months, if the sun strength is minimal. The solar method is a more powerful method because plants cannot transfer their fullest properties (vibrations) to the water when they are boiled. Nowadays, even in the winter months, flowers are made using the solar method because the plants that grow in these months have sufficient solar strength during these months.

The stockbottles are made from the mother tincture. These are suitable for further dilution into user bottles. A few drops of the mother tincture are added to a 10 ml. bottle after which it is supplemented with alcohol and water. This is the final stock bottle.

It is important to know that the description as it is above is a very concise version of the preparation of flower essences. The use of flowers in water has been used and applied since ancient times, a well-known example is Cleopatra. Not because of the scent or essential oil that flowers and plants contain, but because of the unique properties and qualities that flowers transfer to water.

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