Bach flower therapy by Madeleine Meuwessen

Treat people and not their illness

Illness is not a cruel punishment, but merely a correction; an instrument that our own psyche uses to point out our mistakes, to keep us from greater errors, and to prevent us from further damage – and to lead us back to the path of truth and light, which we never had eyes left. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach believed then that your way of thinking and attitude to life play an important role in the development and cure of diseases. To him, illness was a lack of harmony between body and mind. He assumed that if a person does not feel happy, a disease may develop after some time.

By means of an example I want to make clear how this works in practice:

Imagine: two people who are in no way related to each other will both get a big shock. The first is involved in an accident. He is terribly shocked, but has nothing physically. After a few weeks he starts suffering from a headache and he gets sick. The second person, director of a large company, suddenly has to deal with financial crises. When he hears this news, he receives such a shock and after a few days a nerve infection in his left arm.

Normally one would give different treatment for these two states, but when we look at the psychological state of the persons, it is very clear that both had a shock, although their bodies reacted very differently to this situation. According to the method of Edward Bach you give the essence that helps neutralize the shock.

Edward Bach was looking in nature, among other things in Wales, for means for his healing methods, namely to convert the state of mind of man from a negative attitude to life or attitude to a positive attitude.

He found it in the form of blossoms of wild plants, shrubs, shrubs and trees. From this he developed 37 essences, the 38th was not made from flowers, but from a source, to which local residents have been attributed a healing effect since time immemorial.

Body and mind recovery

Dr. Bach, homeopath, discovered in the 1930s that certain types of flowers bring harmony to the human mind. Their positive forces can unblock negative conditions. He assumed that if a person does not feel happy, a disease may develop after some time.

For example, a person may be burdened with guilt or one may be over-concerned for the well-being of others, one cannot say “no” for fear of loss. There are many states of mind that make people “not feeling well”. This can cause disorders such as skin, head, and stomach complaints, inflammation and pains without clear cause. Real diseases could arise later. By looking for the cause, namely the lack of happiness in life, healing of the body also occurs! Dr. Bach has created 38 blossom tinctures, each of which works on specific states of mind. They can, for example, remedy worries, intense fears, irritation, sadness and uncertainty. Fatigue, pessimism and impatience can also be effectively remedied.

The tinctures are taken in the form of drops.

If applicable, they are also processed in ointment to treat problem areas in and on the body surprisingly effectively. People will start to feel more comfortable in the short term, and especially more themselves. “Congenital” negative character traits can disappear permanently as a result of the Bloesem therapy, they give way to a positive feeling, more strength, vitality and happiness in life. Illness can be prevented in this way and therefore this very simple medicine to use can be recommended for anyone who does not feel optimally mentally or emotionally.

Blossom essences can be applied to every adult, including whining, busy, jealous or aggressive children. Many fearful or aggressive dogs have already become a pleasant pet with this simple treatment. The effect of other drugs is not affected in any way.

Dr. With this healing method Bach had in mind that it should be easy to apply. With the Blossom essences in house, a great deal of trouble can easily be mitigated for many situations.

With exam fear, shock with accidents, crying babies and children with fear or homesickness, it is an effective tool. Sadness and fear of divorce or death, resignation and despondency of unemployment can also be changed. Aggressive or unapproachable adolescents, resentful or critical parents-in-law, over-stressed or exhausted family members; peace and harmony can return with this natural method.

It is almost wonderful, because even though apparently a situation does not change itself, something can be done about all these moods! Simply because the inner attitude changes with the healing powers of flowering. Dr. With this unique, innovative healing method, Bach has definitely been ahead of his time.

He has opened the way to a new way of getting well; recovery of Body and Mind.

7 Bach Groups

Edward Bach based his findings and divided them into 7 groups; the 7 bach groups. These 7 bach groups are directly derived from the bach nosodes that he developed.

  1. Fear
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Insufficient interest in the present
  4. Loneliness
  5. Hypersensitive to influences and ideas
  6. Despondency and despair
  7. Over-concern for the well-being of others.

First Aid Essence; Rescue, Emergency Essence, Five Flower

Edward Bach also developed a first aid essence. Initially, this first aid essence consisted exclusively of Rock Rose. He later added more Bach flowers to come to his rescue.

The first aid essence is a ready-made combination of flowers, which can be administered as first aid in emergencies of all kinds.

The mixture contains the following essences:

  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Rock Rose
  • Impatiens
  • Cherry Plum
  • Clematis

In the case of serious accidents and in life-threatening situations, it is to be administered by everyone as a first aid, as long as no doctor is present. However, the first aid essence is by no means a ‘substitute’ for a doctor.

Important to know

Don’t let first aid essence become a regular habit. A first aid essence; Rescue, Emergency Essence, Five Flower are exclusively intended for emotional emergencies. First Aid Essences do not serve as compensation for an unwise lifestyle.

From practice

To illustrate the above:

Years ago a staff member from the bach center in England once told me: “If I have sunk through a night, I take a few drops of it in the morning and I get through the day again”. I was very surprised. This had never occurred to me. But when I started to think about this further, I could imagine that this could also be the case. If you really drank a lot of alcohol once, I think this is also a kind of shock. The term shock refers to everything that can disturb the harmonic balance in our system of energies.

So you see that the first aid essence is used as a kind of Haarlemmer oil, while, if necessary, this essence can save lives. I even claim that prolonged use of the first aid essence can bring up unrest that you don’t know where it comes from. For example, someone came to get the first aid essence from me every month for a longer period of time. When I asked why she took a bottle so often, she replied that she managed to get through it.

I advised her to do something about herself, e.g. starting with the bach therapy (she had been running for 17 years, weekly, with a psychiatrist) However, she found this too scary, she preferred not to let the things she was dealing with come to the surface. I didn’t want to sell her a bottle anymore and I clearly tried to explain to her what could come up through prolonged use. Maybe I shouldn’t have said this, but I think you should provide clear information when working with the essences. Unfortunately I have not seen her again.

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Supports with

  • Emotional mood complaints
  • Problems with change
  • Adapt to new situations
  • Fear with known and unknown cause
  • Emotional Overload
  • Negative personal self-image
  • Emotional traumas

Treatment and Result

Tackling emotional imbalances that have been built up over the years does not go away in a matter of days. The rule that is used is the number of years that you are bothered by something, the number of months it takes for the problem to be solved.


It is always important to always make a good diagnosis and thus assess what caused the emotional problems. This allows one to work thoroughly with emotions and to solve the existing emotional problems.

Focus on people

With the bach flower therapy, people are central and not the symptom. Bach essences are able to tackle the underlying problems of the imbalance. Bach flower essences and bach flower therapy turn negative states of mind into positive qualities.


Bach Flower essences and bach Flower therapy do not replace a doctor or medical specialist. It is always necessary to consult your doctor first.