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100% Natural – 100% deodorant

STAR REMEDIES PURE, a natural mineral salt that occurs naturally in nature that has been used for centuries. A source for a natural deodorant.

How does Pure work?

The natural effect neutralizes the bacteria that cause the sweat odor. STAR REMEDIES PURE is applied to damp skin where a very thin layer remains. The molecular structure of the crystal is too large to pass through the skin and will therefore not clog the pores. STAR REMEDIES PURE ensures that the natural process is not disturbed and allows the skin to breathe without the unpleasant odor. STAR REMEDIES PURE contains no alcohol, no perfume and no emulsifiers. In fact, nothing that is made, processed, assembled or extracted by man. SO NATURALLY!

Use of PURE

Do not dry the skin after washing. Take the crystal and go gently with it under the armpits a number of times. If the skin is no longer wet, make the crystal a little wet under the tap. A microscopic layer of the crystal will now remain on the skin and will neutralize the bacteria that cause the unpleasant odor. Simple and easy to use. The deodorant will certainly last for 1 year. Calculate the benefit yourself.

Marijke Helwegen & Pure deodorant

What a fantastic product is your PURE deodorant stick. The stick works great and without all those unhealthy and often unnatural, chemical additives is 100% natural, stain-free and odor-free. I have now used the PURE stick for about 2 months daily during presentations and at TV performances and it meets all expectations. I can recommend the PURE deodorant to anyone who wants to smell fresh and stay healthy. Marijke Helwegen


Recommended by the professionals, it is ideal for people who suffer from allergies, sensitive skin and those who are health conscious. The bacteria that cause the unpleasant odor are naturally neutralized and gives you 24 hours protection. Most deodorants contain aluminum chlorohydrate. STAR REMEDIES PURE is 100% Ammonium Sulfate. This form of deodorant has been used in Asia for centuries. STAR REMEDIES PURE is safe to use and contains no chemicals. STAR REMEDIES PURE is the purest deodorant of today.


Star Remedies PURE supports charities. 1% of the sale is donated to a good animal purpose.
All Star Remedies PURE products are not tested on animals, contain no animal components and are 100% environmentally friendly.

Star Remedies PURE Products

Pure Deodorant stick
120 GR.

60 GR.

75 gr.

100 ml.

50 ml.

pure roller
90 ml.

Pure Deodorant stick

Star Remedies PURE are ideal for use in the bathroom, when traveling, on the road, at the gym and much more.
Available in 60gr. and 120 gr

Pure Deodorant roller
The Star Remedies PURE deodorant roller is ready-to-use. Easy to apply under the armpits. The content is 100ml.
Pure Deodorant spray
The Star Remedies PURE deodorant spray can be applied under your armpits and soles. The content is 50ml. or 100ml.
Pure Deodorant stick on string
Star Remedies PURE are ideal for use in the bathroom, when traveling, on the road, at the gym and much more. Available in 75gr.

Star Remedies PURE Experiences

Dear customer service, I searched the internet for more information about deodorants and I found you and STAR REMEDIES PURE. I was familiar with a deodorant crystal but not with STAR REMEDIES PURE. I then ordered one via email and have been using STAR REMEDIES PURE crystal for a while now. I am so happy that I immediately ordered several for my acquaintances. SUPER!


It feels very natural! Just use !! Fortunately, you don’t get such a deodorant through your perfume!


It’s a dry and it doesn’t smell! Clothing does not stink either. The last time I worked hard, I came home sweaty. I didn’t even smoke when the sweat dried up. And applying it is ideal. Just wet and apply under the armpits. It’s perfect! I used to have circles in my white t-shirts and I don’t have that anymore.


Dear Star Remedies, with this I want to say that STAR REMEDIES PURE really works great. After my doctor diagnosed me with breast cancer and I got an article from a friend of mine who told me that breast cancer can be caused by the use of deodorant, I immediately switched to STAR REMEDIES PURE. The use is simple and against the expectations you also smell no sweat at the end of the day! I can therefore recommend it to everyone and certainly to women who are more likely to have breast cancer than men (although more and more men also get breast cancer).


I started using STAR REMEDIES PURE during the Libelle Summer Week, the last day on Sunday 6 June. Normally I would not test a new product – and certainly a deodorant – during such an important event. Especially since it was a sort of Ren je Rot show for me and a good deo is very important. That last day it was sunny and warm (around 25C) and I checked a number of times in between whether I was going to smell – this was definitely not the case! However, three weeks in the South of France, between 25 and 30C, at the edge of the swimming pool with full sun, applying one time in the morning is not enough. Certainly not if you dive into the pool a number of times. So I am very satisfied and it gives me a very safe feeling that I am using a product that is not harmful to my body and yet offers sufficient protection against nasty perspiration. A big additional advantage: it is odorless!

Buy PURE Natural Deodorant

PURE natural deodorant can be ordered separately at

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