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Australian Bush Flower Essences from Australia

65 flower essences prepared by Ian White in Australia. Ian White, who was born into a family of herbalists, Ian White was taken by nature at a young age into the countryside to look for medicinal herbs. Not only was his mother engaged in herbal healing, his grandmother and great-grandmother were naturopaths, Ian is even the fifth generation. Australia is also a very old and relatively pure continent with a lot of nature. It is noteworthy that in Australia not only the most old plants in the world grow in proportion, but also that Australia has the largest number of flowering plants in the world. From a metaphysical point of view, Australia has always had a special way and old energy, but in recent years there has also been a tremendous new energy and vitality in this continent.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences represent the vitality and power of this unique continent and can therefore be used all over the world. The Bush Essences not only provide clarity about our life goals and dreams, but also give courage, strength and enthusiasm to fulfill these goals and dreams.

They also help us to reach a higher level of intuition, self-confidence, spirituality, creativity and pleasure. Inspired by Edward Bach, Ian White makes the Australian Bush Flower Essences. Just like Edward Bach, he uses both the Solar and cooking method. With his vast knowledge of the Australian Bush, he found more than 65 flowers.


Alpine Mint Bush
Gives new strength, renewal and joy in life. If you are mentally and emotionally exhausted and have a significant responsibility. Especially for people in the service sector, who emotionally give too much of themselves when working with people in pain and need.

If you suffer from spiritual confusion, seek answers outside of yourself, or are spiritually ‘possessed’. The essence helps you discover the spiritual truth, gives access to the gifts from past lives, restores the entire energy field. Take this essence only for a short time and let it precede by using Fringed Violet. Ian White – 1 with nature (in the background Uluru starts)

Banksia Robur
This essence helps people who have burned out, gives pleasure in life and provides energy.

Helps to open up to new ideas and opinions. Against rigidity.

Billy Goat Plum
Ensures that you accept your own body and that you enjoy sexuality.

Black Eyed Susan
For people who cannot relax. Makes you feel a bit calmer and gives you the opportunity to discover your own inner self.

Making mistakes again and constantly and greedy people. It teaches you to share with others and to get pleasure from it.

Frees you from negative past events in family abuse. Free you from negative thought patterns and from deeply held emotions. Is the essence to distance yourself from the repetition of abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, incestuous). Helps both the victim and the abuser, whose roles are sometimes passed on.

For peace of mind. Against compulsive thoughts. Ensures that you can think clearly again.

Helps with the transition of changes in life, such as adolescence, the transition, stopping work, pregnancy, etc. Ensures a bond between mother and child, provides calmness.

Bush Fuchsia
This is the essence that you use for learning difficulties. It ensures that the left and right hemispheres work together, so that the combination of analytical thinking and creativity brings out the best in you. Helps with dyslexia, stuttering and uncoordinated speaking.

Bush Gardenia
For people who are too focused on themselves and do not pay enough attention to their loved ones. Provides passion and renewed interest in the partner. Provides a better bond with your family members.

Bush Iris
Ensures that you realize that there is more than just the material. Provides better spiritual insight. Helps against materialism and for the unknown after life.

Christmas Bell
If you experience a shortcoming. The essence ensures that you get what you have in mind.

If you are out of balance. You don’t feel emotionally the way you should be, you worry too much and suffer from too much negative tension. The essence helps to give inner peace and peace.

Dagger Hakea
Helps you to release resentment. Helps you to forgive others who have harmed you. Makes you feel open and honest with your feelings.

Dog Rose
Gives courage and confidence. Helps you deal with others. Helps to turn shyness into openness. You care about life and the company of others.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces
The idea of ​​losing control, suffering from physical pain, without clear cause. Gives you emotional balance again, calms you down, gives you mental health in times of turmoil.

Five Corners
Ensures that you gain faith in yourself, that you love your own body and that you enjoy your own beauty with love.

Flannel Flower
Makes you softer and more sensitive. For people who don’t like to be touched. Gives sensuality and confidence and pleasure in all physical activities.

Freshwater Mangrove
Be open to new experiences, people and changes in your perception. Get doubts about traditions and beliefs in a healthy way. If your heart is closed by expectations and prejudices that have been learned that you have not experienced yourself.

Fringed Violet
Helps to overcome shock and trauma. Ensures that you can close off your aura, so that others can no longer drain unwanted energy from you.

Green Spider Orchid
With bad dreams, bad feelings from the past, phobias. Gives you the ability to keep information for yourself and not to tell others everything openly.

Gray Spider Flower
Support with unpleasant feelings of unknown cause. Gives peace and courage.

Gymea Lily
For proud dominating personalities who want to gain status over the backs of others. Makes you humble and aware of others and lets you appreciate others.

Ensures acceptance of the own person. For people with too much self-discipline, who are busy gathering knowledge like a fanatic.

Illawarra Flame Tree
Gives self-confidence and self-esteem. Helps people who feel rejected and excluded by everyone. Gives you strength.

If you have a poor memory, do not learn from previous experiences. And trying to control others. Makes you understanding and lets you deal well with others.

Makes you decisive, and ensures that you can think and decide well and quickly. Helps people who try to deal with too many things at the same time, but get stuck in it.

Kangaroo Paw
If you are hypersensitive to the needs of others. If you have not yet entered the social sphere in an adult way. It helps you to relax and contributes to the development of your sensitivity.

Kapok Bush
If you are quickly discouraged and give up too quickly. It supports you in your perseverance. It contributes to the ability to make an effort so that you understand how complex things work.

Little Flannel Flower
Awakens the child in you, playful energy, joy and letting go in the direction that life goes.

Renewal of energy. supported in strength, vitality and helps boost the immune system. For people who are burned out, tired and exhausted.

Mint Bush
If you are in a confused state, because you are being driven to the brim by spiritual problems. It supports you in calmness and the ability to continue and prepares you for an initiation.

Monga Waratah
You feel needy, powerless and have an addictive personality. The essence helps to strengthen your own will, so that you have more energy and power to live your life.

Mountain Devil
Supported in what you are able to give unconditional love makes you forgiving. If you are full of hatred, envy and anger. If you have a grudge or are suspicious.

Mulla Mulla
Support with the intensity of the sun. Uncomfortable feeling with fire or the fire in yourself. It gives you a feeling of confidence and being able to deal better with the fire in yourself.

Old Man Banksia
Supports you with more energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment in life. If you are slow and without energy, quickly tired or quickly discouraged or disappointed.

Paw Paw
Supports that you can better incorporate information, handle new ideas. Helps you with peace and clarity and ensures that you can concentrate better and come in better contact with your own higher self to solve problems. If you feel overwhelmed and have to make too many decisions.

Peach Flowered Tea Tree
Restores the emotional balance, helps you achieve your goals and complete your projects. For when you have no faith in your emotional and physical health. If you suffer from changing moods, lack of sense of duty due to boredom.

If you are unable to receive thanks. If one is too generous. Supports a positive confirmation of yourself in receiving love and thanks.

Pink Mulla Mulla
Helps you to open yourself up to others. Let yourself step over the wall that you have built around yourself because you feel hurt and are blocked.

Save Grevillea
If you feel stuck. You know what you want, but you don’t know the way to go to get there. It gives you the power to step out of annoying situations, makes you more decisive for the judgment that others make of you.

Red Helmet Orchid
You are rebellious and selfish, have problems with authoritarian persons, which arise from a bad relationship with your father. It helps you build a bond with your children, makes you more sensitive and ensures respectful relationships.

Red Lily
Supporting for people who are indecisive and daydreaming, split personality, vague, older than 28 years. It provides grounding, concentration and ensures that you can perform your tasks properly. Also suitable after drug use. (age counterpart of Sundew)

Red Suva Frangipani
With shock and great emotional feelings, through the loss of a loved one. By death or by breaking the relationship. It gives you calmness, peace of mind and makes you feel cherished.

Rough Bluebell
For people who manipulate others, are deliberately malicious and use others. Total lack of care for the feelings of others. Supporting unconditional love, openness, compassion and sensitivity to others.

She Oak
Connect the soul with the other side.

Silver Princess
Helps you find your life’s purpose and motivates you. If you do not know what to do in life and feel that there is more, but cannot find it.

Slender Rice Flower
Contributes to being able to work together, makes you receptive to the beauty of others. Reduces scarring, restores energetic flow. If you are proud and jealous, discriminate, narrow-minded.

Southern Cross
If you feel too much of being a victim, life has hit you too hard. You complain a lot and are bitter. The essence gives you strength and releases your sense of responsibility for your own situation.

Helps you to restore yourself through emotional understanding.

Sturt Desert Pea
Dispel sad memories, help with deep unpleasant feelings, sadness and emotional pain. It dispels sad moods and is a strong essence to eliminate nasty feelings.

Sturt Desert Rose
Supports that you can let go of your own guilt. You follow your own beliefs and morals. You are no longer so easily persuaded into activities that you actually do not want.

For people who are indecisive and daydreaming, split personality, vague, younger than 28 years. It contributes to grounding, concentration and ensures that you can perform your tasks well. (age counterpart of Red Lily)

Sunshine Wattle
Stuck in the past, a bleak future expected. It makes you optimistic, you accept current life and you see the beauty of it.

Sydney Rose
If you feel isolated from others, abandoned and without people who care about you. With the essence you realize that we are all one, you feel safe and calm.

Tall Mulla Mulla
If you feel unsafe, do not want to interact with others. For people with a cold heart who cannot breathe deeply, because they do not live life deeply. It makes you open, compassionate and sensitive.

Tall Yellow Top
Contributes to self-acceptance and acceptance in the group. Gives you the appropriate feeling of belonging, a feeling of being at home, where you are comfortable and where others and others accept you.

Turkey Bush
If you feel blocked, have no more creativity and no longer have faith in your own creativity. Gives you new inspiration and confidence in your creative possibilities.

Gives you courage, confidence and adaptability at a time when you are deeply sad, desperate, suicidal and unable to cope with problem situations.

Wedding Bush
If you have problems entering into relationships, business, social and / or intimate. If you lack the dedication to fulfill your life goals.

Wild Potato Bush
If you feel hampered by your own body, by being overweight, and not functioning as you would like it to function. It gives you the freedom and vitality to continue with life.

Especially for women: They feel inhibited, tense during sex, cannot enjoy intimacy. Especially for men: they show macho behavior. Helps men and women enjoy sex and make you feel comfortable. It developed tenderness and softness.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid
For critical, quick-judging, energetic people. Gives involvement, clear constructive thought patterns, lets you distance yourself from emotions. Also balances the pituitary gland.

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