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Indigo Essences Individual Essences

New Child series are a collection of 16 gemstone essences specially designed to balance issues related to early childhood experiences regarding the feeling of insecurity and being unloved. These feelings underpin how we experience our daily lives and will continue to influence us until adulthood until these feelings are addressed and let go. For adults these are especially useful for the Inner Child piece and this will really help to speed up the support process. For Children, these essences can be used if they have taken over patterns of imbalance from their family or others. These essences help the child to feel stable despite what may happen around them.

INDIGO ESSENCES – individual essences OVERVIEW


Deep blue, with a bit of yellow and green. This stone looks like the world. Helps to resolve blockages caused by fears that have locked the heart. Gives you the courage to heal. For emotional support to open the heart again and to let love come in and gives you the feeling of comfort and inner peace again. Release the tears that are behind the fears that are preventing you from continuing. Relaxes the rigidity that is present in the emotional body and ensures that the energy can flow again. Azurite is related to the third as well and is one of the most important indigo stones. This essence can help adults to understand the indigo position.


Clear, looks like a nice big dome with rainbows in it. Housing all dreams of all children around the world. Contributes to see the truth, to poke through things and dispels cynicism. To provide emotional support to bring the feeling of pleasure, wonder and innocence. Calcite creates trust so that you can make friends. Calcite helps to believe in your dream, even in the case of cynicism and ridicule.


Deep purple color with many paths that run through it. Contributes to show you the right path through your fear of perfect peace. This essence lets you experience a sense of security that helps you to relieve your dependence on certain obsessed / possessed acts.

Chrysokolla Gem Silica

Turquoise blue surrounded by beautiful small light blue caves. Contributes to feeling as if lying in the arms of a loving mother, safe and at peace. Let you experience the safe feeling of actually saying what you actually feel. To provide emotional support for children who find it difficult to express themselves. Softens the aura and brings a sense of calmness to children who are very sensitive to energies and who have a hard time taking it easy.


Purple – green with rainbows. This essence contributes to a nurturing feeling and lets you experience your strength. Helps children receive emotional support that is damaged by criticism while the children themselves know that they are perfect as they are. Helps children who have difficulty reading and writing and don’t believe they can learn, relax and record information. Contributes to see the bigger picture and the possibility of a new way of being.


A shiny with an oil colored black stone. Helps you to be light but at the same time very strong and well-founded. Connect with the spiritual team that oversee earthly affairs. They will help you to cope with the higher vibrations of the planet without getting out of balance. Adjusts the reverse polarity. Relieves the mental tension caused by an overactive mind and drives this energy through the body. Contributes as an emotional support to encouraging perfectionist children, also a little fanatic, to relax and let go.

Hiddenite & Kunzite

Hiddenite is pale green, looks like a spaceship with a few pieces off it. Kunzite is very beautiful pink. The small hiddenite stone is very damaged, but its essence is pleasure. Together with his sister kunzite, they have the opportunity to let you experience the pleasure of bringing back even when things are very bad. The pink color of kunzite helps “space cadets” to feel safe and to get back into their physical bodies. This essence helps to make it easier for very sensitive beings to stay in their bodies. The colors green and pink are both related to the heart Chakra.


To provide emotional support to take the weight off your heart and contribute to giving you the feeling of indestructible strength and determination. Contributes to the left and right side of being balanced. Brings in all the colors of the rainbow and helps to balance the Chakras. You experience that the body’s own self-healing mechanism is activated. Helps you to come back after illness and sadness. Brings in a new energy, the energy of being.


Nice gray blue. Helps to focus, summarize and direct energy towards the earth beneath your feet. Gives you the feeling of being balanced and grounded. Helps you to focus and summarize everything to allow new ideas to come into your “being”. Calms in this troubled emotional time that we all go through and encourages you to go on.

Larimar & Rosequartz

Soft, blue larimar and marshmallow pink quartz. Contributes to help you be happy with yourself. Supports you emotionally to love yourself and to accept all parts of yourself. Encourages you to be gentle with yourself and to know that there is nothing like “wrong.” Contributes to shaking sensitive children’s fears and doubts from others.


Sweet silvery purple color. If you experience being under tension, this essence helps you to relax, chill and “go with the flow”. Helps to transform the tension of fear and resistance into soft, accepting energy. To provide emotional support for moving the energy throughout the body so that it does not accumulate in one place. Contributes to stimulating breathing through the abdomen and contributes to making it easier for new children to develop their energy.


Small gold-colored stone with a naughty ET face. Helps you in emotional support to see clearly, to know what is real and to repel energies that are not good for you. Pyrite helps to cleanse the body of all kinds of toxins such as by-products of food allergies. Supports children to stay in their bodies even in the presence of difficult energies. Helps a mature way of discrimination and stimulate awareness without judgment or blame.

Ruby & Kyanite 1

Soft, warm red ruby and beautiful gray-blue kyanite. Contributes to clearing old, inherited patterns that have to do with male / yang energy. To provide emotional support in the healing of genetic memories of abuse. Encourages and helps to integrate new male energy.

Ruby & Kyanite 2

The female counterpart of Ruby & amp; Kyanite 1. Contributes to clearing old, inherited patterns that have to do with old, inherited patterns that have to do with feminine energy. For emotional support to remove the tendency towards passivity. Contributes to relieving fear of being a woman. Helps you to balance your new feminine and masculine energies.


Soft, white, long, clear stone with lots of light. To provide emotional support to soften your body so that more light can come in. Contributes to learn to accept change and to trust. Helps you to raise your own vibrations and increases your feeling. Helps you to consult your inner language so that you “know” the answers to your own questions. Let us see what heaven on earth can be.


The essence Sugulite helps provide emotional support to make you feel safe, comfortable and at home in your own body. Contributes to the peaceful sleep of children, because they experience a better awareness that they are loved and safe. The experience with this essence is that it helps like an umbrella, keeping heavy earthly energies away from small sensitive children. Sugulite also contributes to the experience of not feeling at home on this earth, if you experience the feeling of not being a person and wanting to go home.


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