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Californian FES Flower Essences

Since 1978, the F.E.S. has been operating in California (USA). (Flower Essence Services) blossoms prepared and spread all over the world. The essences are made by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz. The F.E.S. has developed its own essences. These are all other blossoms like those by Dr. E. Bach have been discovered, these also work in other areas such as the 39 English essences.

The F.E.S. Blossoms are excellent for use in modern times and make this healing method not all accessible to the sick, but also ensure that one can make a spiritual growth. The F.E.S. Blossoms meet the highest degree of purity and quality. They are blossoms with a deep inner effect and power.

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Gives emotional support with regard to the recovery of life energy, when one feels burned out or exhausted, contributes to integrate creative energy with feelings that are in the heart. Contributes when too much energy is spent. Good for the workaholic.
To provide emotional support for women who want to experience acceptance of their own femininity based on a deep experience of the female body. Contributes to restoring too abstract or spiritual perception of the female identity, not being properly connected to the body, alienation and / or rejection of the female organs and seeing these as “inferior”
To provide emotional support for spiritual surrender to death or profound transformations; Contributes to an opening for deep soul changes. Helps with fear of death; Resistance is experienced against releasing life or when crossing the threshold to the spiritual world; experiencing denying the reality of the spiritual world.
For emotional support that feel protected and guided by spiritual beings, especially during transitional experiences such as birth and death.
Experience a feeling of isolation, closed off from spiritual guidance and protection.
Contributes to provide emotional support for the restoration of ethereal energy after severe shock or emotional or physical abuse or neglect, contributes to maintaining connection with one’s higher Self and with life-giving, shaping powers. Contributing to maintain the connection with the higher Self or spiritual ego, this connection is often broken in the event of severe fright or emotional or physical abuse or neglect.
To provide emotional support for childlike innocence and trust; contributes to feeling at home in the world, feeling good in yourself, supported, loved and connected to the spiritual world. Experience behavior as defensive, uncertainty, cynical distrust of the world; alienation from the higher self; experiences lack of support from the father during childhood.
To support the integration of sexuality, love and spirituality in relationships and when these forces are seen as opposing polarities, for conflicts in relationships about sexual and emotional issues.
Contributes to the emotional support for courage to confront rather than withdraw from corrupt and threatening situations. Experienced to be trapped in relationships or lifestyles that are corrupt, addictive and / or violent; dark, collected emotions.
Contributes to emotional support by providing in-depth insight, contributes to bringing the transforming light of consciousness into the “dark” aspects of our soul; Experience avoiding looking at buried emotions.
Contributes to translating thoughts into activity, contributes to the creative power of thinking, to overcome the feeling of slowness or being stuck. To provide emotional support for growth and expansion.
For emotional support and contributes to the release of emotional bonds, let love exist in freedom; for those who experience too much identification, experience being trapped and experienced being possessive with those who love them. Contributes to strengthen the heart from within and to give it new life. Helpful for the loss of a loved one or a termination of a relationship.
Contributes to cheerful courage, to provide emotional support to face danger and challenge with confidence; Contributes to overcoming melancholy feelings, discouragement or sadness. Borage – a favorite herb for centuries, old knowledge tells that “borage brings courage” and “borage makes the heart happy”. For those who experience being “discouraged” or have a “heavy heart,” because they raise the mind and bring strength and courage.
To provide emotional support for knowing the value of your gifts, to share your light with others, for embarrassment and to give yourself away. Let you experience an appreciation of your self-worth.
Supports and contributes to inner listening, hearing the essential message of others, for those who hear the words but not the intent of others. When one experiences being too sharp with words.
Transforms instinctive forces into what is truly human; Contributes to stand in the world with courage and strength. When you experience being afraid of the instinctive powers of the self or no longer connected to it. Contributes to earthly vitality.
To provide emotional support for balanced inner development, to know that real gold is in the heart. Contributes to overcome enchantment for “spiritual glamor”, or the restless search outside of yourself.
For emotional support for vitality, rejuvenation, enthusiasm, involvement in life, against apathy and difficulties with personalization. This simple, lovely rose blooms early in the summer in forests and along riverbanks. Contributes to understanding love as a redeeming activity, one that changes apathy, indifference, or pessimism, and helps to make souls active, positive, and caring for life on earth.
Contributes to emotional clarity about sexual identity, sexual self-acceptance. Experience confusion, ambiguity about sexuality / gender identity.
Contributes to emotional support for lively mental and emotional energy; Experience exuberant and charismatic presence. Responsive to psychic or paranormal influences, exaggerated emotional response to psychic experiences.
Contributes to catalyzing change, ignites the will, contributes to moving on to the next phase, emotionally supported against the feeling of being stuck, experiencing being trapped by rooted habits and laziness.
To provide emotional support for inner peace and objectivity, contributes to the release of emotional tensions; against nervousness, emotional confusion and promotes good healthy sleep. Contributes to obtain a radiant solar plexus center and to become more balanced with the emotional life.
Contributes to emotional cleansing, especially during sleep. To provide emotional support for bringing in deeper levels of awareness and understanding. For people who experience poison-covered emotions in a chaotic inner world and drug addiction.
Gives a shift from the personal ego to a higher spiritual identity; To provide emotional support for soul connection with what is truly eternal.
Fear of aging and dying; experiencing excessive clinging to youthfulness, wealth or being famous; experiencing being attached to material values.
Being grounded, connection with the Earth especially with the feet, stability, balance between heaven and earth and in social relationships, overcoming disorientation and tension, especially in cities.
Contributes to be able to articulate the thoughts clearly and clearly while speaking; Contributes to lively capacities in thinking and speaking.
People experience disorganized speech and cannot focus in communication; speaking with enthusiasm, being overwhelmed by too many ideas.
Emotional support that cuts through emotional blockages, contributes to relieving tension, contributes to restoring mental clarity, especially helpful together with intense body-oriented work.
To provide emotional support for feeling innocent, gives purity of heart and intentions, contributes to bringing clarity to those who act from unconscious motives.
Contributes to the processing and integration of many impressions and experiences, for the feeling of being overwhelmed and stimulated by the speed of life. Hypersensitive to the environment.
Friendly and polite in relationships; clarity of feeling when you tune into spiritual sources, contributes to the release of hardening and limiting emotional traumas, which are held deep within the body; supported to forgive.
Inner purity of the soul, especially contributes to helping with the integration of sexuality and spirituality. Contributes to the feeling that sexuality is impure, unclean to break; provides emotional support in inner conflicts about sexuality.
Experience integrity to the core; the ability to make contact with a fixed core within itself and especially with difficult challenges to maintain this contact. Shocked feelings due to a deep trauma or abuse; experiencing being unable to find a sense of dignity in oneself; deep broadening.
Emotional support to emotional warmth and in the here and now are experienced; be able to make relationships in relationships. Experienced to feel rejected and unwanted; past experiences of sexual abuse (mental or physical), avoiding relationships in relationships; experienced fear of parenthood; sexual and emotional feelings suppression.
To support healthy development emotionally; Contributes to accepting responsibilities as an adult person. Experienced immature, helplessness, being needy, dependence, emotional suppression.
Emotional support to accept and engage with the world, to be able to share spiritual gifts with others. Experienced behaviors such as withdrawal, isolation, self-protection; hypersensitive, over-developed spirituality compared to social development.
To provide emotional support for letting go of worries, seeing the greater effect of the destination in life, contributes to those who get trapped in minor worries.
Contributes to the awareness of the karmic connections in our personal relationships and with those in the spiritual world; contributes to being aware of the subtle areas. Experienced loneliness and lack of awareness of spiritual connections with others; experiences spiritual isolation.
Contributes to experiencing and understanding blocked emotions, to be able to express themselves emotionally, especially with emotional ones
suppression that is felt as tension, psychosomatic illnesses or false emotionality.
Cleansing fears and concerns helps you to feel calm and familiar with others. Helps to support emotionally to overcome insecurities, a nervous feeling, stage fright and anxiety. Also helps you support emotionally if you experience fear and feel weak or are easily influenced due to lack of vitality.
Contributes to insight into difficult, difficult memories and emotions from childhood and helps with releasing them; Contributes to seeing the connection between old traumas and current problems.
Helps you to support emotionally to clearly show others who you are, especially the sensitive and vulnerable aspects of yourself. Contributes when you withdraw from social life due to hypersensitivity; easily lose yourself or harden yourself to deal with sensitivities.
Contributes in helping you to be honest with your Higher Self in social relationships. Emotional support for those who create interpersonal barriers, or adopt an incorrect personality, especially due to the pressure of the group or social expectations.
To provide emotional support for the development of warmth and receptivity in female sexuality; Contributes to the integration of soul warmth and physical feelings. Helps to contribute if you are unable to connect with your own sexuality, experience a lack of warmth and vitality, often caused by past sexual exploitation or abuse.
Helps the mind contribute to gaining spiritual insight if you experience the world as being materialistic; To provide emotional support for changing emotional bonds and limiting intellectual thoughts.
Helps you to support emotionally in awakening the power of the creative stimulus; contributes to living energetic creativity and to overcome the frustration that prevents vital forces from turning into creative ideas.
Contributes to remain calm and in the center amid intense activity and / or intense tension; To provide emotional support for those who get out of balance because of what is happening around them.
To provide emotional support for artistic and creative inspiration; Helps to contribute to overcoming feelings of frustration and limitation.
Contributes to the emotional support for the integration of the spiritual purpose with daily work, brings the spiritual power to the basic chakra; contributes to spiritual sexuality and grounded spirituality. If you experience being alienated from your own inner authority, not being able to integrate higher spiritual goals with real life and work; nervous exhaustion, being sexually empty.
To support emotionally generosity, altruism, leadership with a joyful heart, if you experience duty, or a desire for self-glorification.
To provide emotional support for inner peace, softening, harmonic feelings, spiritual sensitivity, contributes to nervous hypersensitivity and difficulties in integrating spiritual influences.
Contributes to spiritual openness, meditative receptivity.
To support the consciousness emotionally, the ability to go beyond personal pain, suffering or mental pain by finding the deeper purpose of this suffering, whereby we can let go of the personal; Contributes to compassionate awareness and attention to the purpose of pain or suffering. Experience exacerbation of pain and suffering due to isolation; deep melancholy as a result of too much personalization of one’s own pain.
Contributes to concentration, focus, attention to detail, finishing, to support emotionally for the tendency to be easily distracted or distracted. An excellent essence that contributes to clarity, focus and a good antidote to scattered mental states.
Contributes to the possibility of developing friendships, radiating warmth to others, overcoming social insecurities. For those who experience barriers to others.
Contributes to emotional support with appreciation for the physical body and the physical world, contributes against ambiguity or a negative judgment about what is physical. For a good earth bond; to be used before and after anesthesia, to restore the unity between body and mind.
To provide emotional support for receptiveness to human love, the bond between mother and child, to heal feelings of alienation and to no longer be loved. The Mariposa Lily contributes to children and adults.
Contributes to healthy personal strength and independence. to support emotional dependence and emotional suppression, experience numbness through drugs, alcohol or overeating; also experiences the need to escape from oneself.
Vitality, alertness, help to break old and addictive habits, against restlessness, nervousness, erratic energy.
Contributes to strength and clarity in thoughts; to provide emotional support for cleansing the mind of negative thoughts, especially when taken from others, for repelling negative thoughts.
To provide emotional support for martial power and self-awareness regarding obstacles and adversity. For those who experience shrinking from today’s challenges. Contributes to the inner quality of being a “spiritual warrior”. Gives spiritual courage, which makes it possible to change situations that are unfavorable and work against.
To provide emotional support for sensitivity to experiences across the threshold (in the “paranormal” area), especially with regard to dreams. Helps to stay balanced when intuitive abilities come out.
To provide emotional support to be honest with yourself, fulfillment of one’s real potential; with problems to realize the possibilities in life. Contributes when you cannot listen to your inner tern.
Contributes to vitality, radiant energy and warmth; emotional life and color; helps with over-intellectuality, when one experiences being dried up or in the event of desolation; depletion of the life force.
To provide emotional support for deeply centered peace in the heart; contributes to the integration of physical and emotional well-being through a harmonious connection with the earth and all living things.
Contributes to emotional support for developing trust, recognizing the goodwill of others. Contributes to overcoming fears related to emotional hostility.
Contributes to inner strength through adversity; perseverance in relationships; to provide emotional support for overcoming self-doubt in challenges.
Contributes to being spiritually awake and alert. To provide emotional support in overcoming mental laziness.
To provide emotional support for self-acceptance, emotional openness and honesty; courage to take emotional risks with others. When experiencing shame, guilt, inferiority, fear of intimate feelings and rejection, hiding the essential self from others, masking feelings.
To provide emotional support for emotional strength and balance; contributes to overcoming emotional hypersensitivity and overreaction, helps those who absorb psychic and emotional energy.
To provide emotional support for openness and vulnerability, it contributes to the possibility of being able to interact with someone and make contact. Experience fear of being intimate, protecting personal boundaries; the fear of violation or violence; experiences the avoidance of intimacy by being hostile.
Contributes to liberation of the creative feminine spirit, helps to make contact with the Divine Feminine in women and with the “anima” in men; enhances female creativity and warmth from the heart; in a conflict between career and family. Contributes to an emotional balance during the transition.
Beauty that radiates from the inside out; to provide emotional support for self-esteem in the right proportion to appearance. Experiencing feeling ugly, feeling rejected on the outside, over-identified with the physical; also experiences not being able to let the inner beauty of the soul come out through the body.
Contributes to inner peace and clarity when one experiences a spiritual or paranormal phenomenon; for emotional support to have the courage to trust in one’s own spiritual experiences or guidance; spirituality based on love instead of fear. experiences fear of the occult or of any spiritual experience; experiences fear of retribution or disapproval when releasing religious habits from families or communities.
Contributes to group harmony and cooperation, merging of individual egos, flexible working with others, to overcome personal conflicts in group situations; helps the individual to work in larger groups or in social structures.
Contributes to spiritual insight and being able to “see”; integration of psychic gifts with lower energy centers. Experience impediment to “seeing”, not wanting to see what it is like; projection and lack of objectivity in psychic consciousness; disturbed clairvoyance.
To provide emotional support for developing the power of love, especially the feminine aspect; contributes to overcoming the “belief” that receptivity and love are “less strong” or “less tough”.
Contributes to alertness, sharp awareness, an overview of all details; see the “big picture”; To provide emotional support for those who no longer see the wood for the trees, who are overwhelmed by too many details.
Contributes to centering and balance in emotionally burdened group situations, an antidote to fright or hysteria; to provide emotional support when one is too easily influenced by fright and other group thoughts.
Contributes to warm physical presence; embodiment; lively personality. Experience forgetfulness, poor incarnation in the body, lack of heat, poor connection of the soul-mind with the body.
To provide emotional support for the possibility of extracting wisdom from life experiences; contributes to renewing and overseeing the life process from a higher perspective. Experience the tendency to see life experiences as fate and not as deserved; not understanding a higher purpose and higher purpose of life events.
Contributes to being honest to your Higher Self, to let go of what is not essential or superfluous, to let go of false self-images or expectations about yourself.
Responsible to true spiritual authority; the ability to learn from the elderly; for conflicts about authoritarian figures, especially male powerful figures.
Contributes to confidence in spiritual protection and guidance; helps with nasty or disturbing dreams, to provide emotional support for those who are too open, communicative and vulnerable. Provides a limitation and protection, especially with over-developed mental or disturbed dream situations.
To provide emotional support for courage to resist and balance powerful emotions, for those who experience fear and feel threatened by deep emotions; contributes to integration of the emotional shadow self; direct and clear communication about deep feelings.
To provide emotional support for motivation, perseverance, accepting difficulties as opportunities for growth and services to the world, contributes to overcoming pessimism and despair, especially with regard to the expectation of a negative world situation.
To provide emotional support for self-acceptance, self-confidence, confidence in the inner health-creating powers, strengthening the resilience.
Brings different ideas together in one joint entity; for those who experience a tendency toward confused searching, where everything is seen as separate parts rather than as a whole.
Contributes to feel at home on earth and with others; overcoming alienation for those who feel they do not belong.
Contributes to a vibrant, dynamic energy; a healthy libido; verbal communication that is emotionally balanced.
Experience verbal aggression and hostility; suppressed or misdirected libido energy; tension at the jaws.
Contributes to be able to share and for generosity, to be able to give something away from yourself, an inner feeling of abundance; against avarice and to overcome the fear of lack.
For emotional support for inner sensitivity and receptivity, inner listening; helps to overcome resistance to the spiritual realm, or resistance to the softer, more inward-looking side of the Self. The Star Tulip is for sensitivity and responsiveness. By emphasizing the feminine pole of soul development, this remedy helps to impart greater capacity to be receptive, to listen to others, or to the voice of the inner Self.
Contributes to awareness of sexual issues, integration of feelings of human warmth, love and sexuality. To provide emotional support for overcoming the fear of sexuality and intimacy.
Contributes to the development of individuality; to provide emotional support for overcoming both selfishness and unbalanced self-denial. For balancing relationships with father figures and with the male principle in the development of the soul.
To support social responsibility and social bonding emotionally, it helps to overcome social alienation or conflicts; for fear of social obligations. Gives the feeling that you belong on earth.
To provide emotional support for taking decisive action to achieve his / her goal; contributes to overcoming hesitations and slow indecision.
Contributes to cooperation; help and mutual support. To provide emotional support for turning hostility and aggression into positive action for the well-being of others. Go to work for world evolution.
Selflessness, working for the common good, sacrificing personal desires, overcoming greed and lust for power. To provide emotional support for those who feel bound or restrained by lower instincts such as greed and lust for power.
Contributes to vitality, color and emotional power in self-expression, healthy self-maintenance, to overcome weakness and lifelessness in expression, especially with speaking.
To provide emotional support to know a healthy relationship with the group, openness to others; overcoming timidity and shyness, especially in groups. For people who experience the tendency to withdraw or to be cautious about social contacts.
Contributes to the strengthening of the inner light and the aura during negativity and disharmony, provides emotional support against hypersensitivity and vulnerability.
A combination of Yarrow, Arnica and Echinacea. A generally reinforcing blossom essence that helps to cope with the influences of harmful technological and negative environments of the modern world. The Yarrow Environmental Solution provides emotional support in protection against “the etheric effects of radiation and other harmful toxins from the environment.
To support emotional sensitivity, to be able to tune into the feelings and experiences of others; being able to speak and heal through sensitive alignment with others. Experience emotions such as: insensitive to the suffering of others; you are not aware of the consequences of your actions.
Relief with emotional tension, spiritual insight into emotions, for emotional constriction, especially in the chest. Contributes to expressing human emotions, especially pain and sadness.
Contributes to laughter, happiness, relief and release from tension; a childish playful attitude to life; accepting the inner child, for emotional support for people who are too serious, with dullness.

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