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3 Eenheid (3-Unity) flower essence is a combined flower essence made from : Motherwort, Water Lily, Poppy and gives the feeling of faith, hope and love together. "The burden is lighter." Gives you the inner strength to be here in the now; "I feel the peace and comfort of the whole body".


Aster flower essence enables you to receive the stretched hand of that critical parent (according to Transactional Analysis). Feels like a support surrounding you, provides comfort and supports your basic trust. Supports you in the process of no longer having difficulty with being alone.


Balans (Balance) flower essence is a combined essence made from Sensitive plant and Buddleia. They work together to provide a "helicopter view" while maintaining both feet on the earth so you can really see things through.


Bali flower essence gives you inner strength to keep going even though you feel that the inner struggle has been given up and resigned to the situation. Bali gives the strength to take on the whole world again.


Bescherming (Protection) flower essence is a combined essence with Yarrow, Turquoise, Cherry Plum and Hosta. ; the 4 main aura protectors. You are better able to stay with yourself and are no longer emotionally drained by others around you. Provides emotional protection and restores your own emotional strength.


Clematis flower essence supports your development on your own spiritual path whereby insight is gained into how your life actually works. You can behold yourself from a distance.


Dagkoekoeksbloem (Red Campion) flower essence supports and provides your self-awareness and boosts your self-confidence. Exams become less agonizing and your feelings of inferiority diminish. "I come out ahead."


Daslook (Wild garlic) flower essence brings more peace, relaxedness and grounding into your life whereby the feeling of space increases. You remain yourself and you come to the core whereby all parts of the child are reconnected. Choosing your own path and taking into account your own choices get space.


Dotterbloem (Marsh Marigold) flower essence enables you to transform your inner present haste, impatience and inner restlessness into inner insight so that you are able to do all tasks in peace and in order.


Duizendblad (Yarrow) flower essence enables you to no longer be pulled empty by others allowing you to continue walking your own path without bumps. You can say No again more effectively.


Duizendknoop (Knotweed) flower essence allows you to still fully process those emotional blocks that you thought were resolved.

Eerste Hulp Essence

Eerste hulp Remedie (First Aid) flower essence is a combined flower remedy consisting of Liefde & Hoop, Turkoois, Houttyunnia Cordata, Star of Bethlehem, Duizendblad, 3-Eenheid, Fluitenkruid, Maskerbloem, Dotterbloem, Kerspruim and Clematis – Madame Le Coultre. Supports emotional situations such as being violently frightened.


Eucalypthus flower essence allows you to reconnect with the people around you without feeling superior to them. Eucalypthus people are highly intelligent people who often have difficulty connecting with other people.


Fluitekruid (Cow parsley) flower essence brings you back with both feet on the ground to then make you feel big where self-esteem, connection and awareness of yourself are supported.

Gebroken Hartje

Gebroken Hartje (Bleeding Heart) flower essence zorgt ervoor dat je bewust wordt van oude aanwezige emotionele pijnen in het lichaam waardoor je gebroken hart in staat is om zelf te herstellen. 

Gele Meibloem

Gele Meibloem (Frangipani Yellow) flower essence zorgt voor een diepe verbinding met het universum waarbij jij het vertrouwen krijgt dat alles goed komt. 


Genadekruid (Hedge Hyssop) flower essence gives you the power to give yourself grace so that anger or any other emotional state of mind is no longer a blockade.


Herfstaster (New York Aster) flower essence awakens your childlike spirituality that got blocked in your early years bringing back playfulness, sparkle and joy.

Het Kind

Het Kind (The Child) flower essence is a combined remedy of Daisy and Aster, helps you to allow the fun, mischievous and happy child to flourish.


Hortensia (Hydrangea) flower essence brings about relaxation and grounding and allows the emotional connections between left and right hemispheres to communicate better.


Hosta flower essence supports your process of living in the here and now, providing a vast sense of space.

Houttuynia Cordata

Houttuynnia Cordata (Chameleon Plant) flower essence laat je innerlijke gedachten, die op een platenspeler lijken, rustiger te worden en waarbij je rustiger wordt doordat malende gedachten stop worden gezet.


Immortelle flower essence zorgt voor de zon in je leven en in je hart waardoor jouw blijdschap terug komt.

Indische Amandel

Indische Amandel (Indian Almond) flower essence ensures that old memories are no longer linked to old emotional pains.


Ismene Flower Essence allows you to come back to the here and now without wandering further into your thoughts. Because of this you are able to be in the here and now better so your creativity is able to develop further.


Cherry plum flower essence promotes inner peace in restless people and gives you a "shell" so that non-nameable outside influences have no influence.


Komkommerkruid (Borage) flower essence cuts all the things you still have to do into small, manageable pieces so the big mental pressure is lessened.

Komkommerkruid 2

Komkommerkruid 2 (Borage 2 flower essence) stimuleer je om zaken te gaan ondernemen vanuit de mannelijke energie.

Koningin van de Kusten

Koningin van de Kusten (Queen of the Coast) flower essence allows you to better filter incoming emotional issues, allowing you to give everything a better place.


Koraalcactus (Rhipsalis Pilocarpa) flower essence bedekt je met een soort dekentje zodat je nu even niet gestoord kan worden en hierdoor voel je jezelf lichter en luchtiger. 

Kruidje roer me niet

Kruidje Roer Me Niet Flower (Sensitive Plant) flower essence is the first flower remedy developed by Madeleine in 1999 during her trip through Costa Rica. Enables very sensitive people to shield themselves better. It allows your inner strength to blossom so that you can use your own courage and energy for your own life path.

Liefde & Hoop

Liefde & Hoop (Love and Hope) flower essence enables people to let go of old panic feelings and knowing that they are unconditionally supported.


Loodkruid (Cerato) flower essence causes you to become more emotionally aware of your own qualities without having to check with others every time.


Maan (Moon) flower essence allows you to see deep, unexplored emotional limitations without being overwhelmed by them.


Madelief (Daisy) flower essence is characterized by enabling your body to receive new energy without emotional collapse.


Maskerbloem (Mimulus) flower essence gives you strength to master unpleasant emotions (think dentist, cold etc etc).


Meesterbloem (Bindii) flower essence gives you the ability to allow emotions that seemingly play a role unconsciously to become more conscious, allowing you to process them better.


Meibloem (Frangipani) flower essence allows you to experience more and more love without conditions whereby you are also able to let go of each other in love without limiting the other.


Moederkruid (Feverfew) flower essence allows you to live in the here and now making nostalgia for the past disappear. This also creates inner peace and allows you to enjoy the here and now more.


Papaver (Poppy) flower essence makes you feel more emotionally confident about the future without fearing it knowing that you are always supported by the universe; primal confidence.


Peer (Pear) flower essence makes sure that you can handle life from your own qualities so it does not seem hopeless and hopeless. Because your sparkle will return you know deep inside that everything will be alright. 


Protectie (Protection) flower essence is a combined flower remedy consisting of: Yarrow, Turquoise, Cherry plum & Hosta. Allows you to better protect yourself emotionally from outside influences.


Puur (Pure) flower essence causes you to become less strict with yourself in your doings and this allows you to let go of the tense reins which causes you to make fewer demands on yourself.


Riet (Common Reed) flower essence gives you more steadiness in life making you more emotionally stable without going back and forth with your emotions.


Roos (Rose) flower essence creates more harmony in your life as love returns. This also makes you milder towards other people.

Roze Duizendblad

Roze Duizendblad (Pink Yarrow) flower essence makes you more resistant to external emotional influences, allowing them to slip away from you, as it were.


Sneeuwklokje (Snowdrop) flower essence causes you to regain your own dignity and helps you experience life in all its glory.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem flower essence supports you to release your emotional ballast and heal emotional wounds.


Turkoois (Turquoise) flower essence allows you to start a new beginning making change easier to accept.


Valeriaan  (Valerian) flower essence enables you to break through emotions from past lives and thus family patterns. With this you are able to focus fully on your present life.


Vergeving (Forgiveness) flower essence is a combined blossom remedy of Mask Flower and Grace herb which enables you to release the anger present in love. As a result you radiate harmony and love.


Vlinderstruik (Buddleia) flower essence gives you strength to focus your thoughts on the present rather than the future. Insight from above will return allowing you to see an event as a whole. 


Vrouwenmantel (Lady's Mantle) flower essence zorgt voor een herverdeling tussen de vrouwelijke en mannelijke kwaliteiten waardoor mannen beter kracht kunnen delen en meer op hun intuïtie af gaan en vrouwen de kracht geven om hun ambities waar te maken.


Vuurdoorn (Pyracantha) flower essence enables you to have more compassion for others but also towards yourself. You may be there and feel connected to others around you. 


Waterlelie (Waterlily) flower essence brings more light into your life allowing hope from the universe to flow again.

Wilde Appel

Wilde Appel (Wild Apple) flower essence supports the person in the process of being less compulsively precise. Feeling internally unclean is typical of this type of person.


Zelf  (Self) flower essence stelt je in staat om je eigen potentie te ontwikkelen gekenmerkt door eigen liefde, eigen potentie en je eigen leven te leiden.

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