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Home » The interrelationships between bach flowers by Dietmar Krämer


The relationships between bach flower essences and skin zones

After years of research, Dietmar Krämer has divided the body into 243 skin zones, each corresponding to a bach flower essence. Edward Bach already treated patients with compresses with Bach flowers. Bach thought the method should be as simple as possible. “When I’m hungry, I go into the garden and pick a head of lettuce. If I’m scared, I’ll take a dose of Mimulus.” The skin zone therapy of the Bach flowers makes the treatment even easier. The eligible essences can be read directly from the body – only on the basis of the location of the complaints. People who regularly experience a “spastic bowel”, who give an unpleasant place on the left side of the abdomen, regularly come. The skin zone is Mimulus. By treating with e.g. compresses or cream on this spot, the unpleasant spot disappears and the person experiences no more problems with the intestines.

The relationship between bach flower essences and meridians

When taking complete spores, reactions often occurred that could not be explained by the theory behind Bach flower therapy, but by the acupuncture theory and the theory behind homeopathy. Dietmar Krämer is systematically investigating the consequences that the intake of the entire spores entailed. He noticed, e.g. that negative moods continued to deteriorate in spite of taking the right essences – a reaction known only from homeopathy. For example, there was an improvement in an Olive condition when taking Olive and Impatiens; with simultaneous intake of Impatiens, Olive and Oak, the situation got worse. If you look at the similarity between the Impatiens trail and the liver meridian, an important indication of this meridian is: exhaustion states, while the Impatiens trail can be briefly described as the flower trail of physical overload and robbery of the body. It will be clear that one track may never be taken, only a track combination with the outer essences according to the Cycle of Changes.

The by Dr. Bach described 38 archetypal negative soul conceptions also apply to other levels of therapeutic efficacy. After many investigations, Krämer discovered that 38 precious stones work on a mental level and 38 essential oils on an emotional level. The different bodies of man and the healing methods that work on them.

The relationship between bach flower essences and chakras

It has been found that the chakras control the energy control cycle in the meridians: this is an as yet undiscovered aspect of the function of the chakras. Dr. Bach has therefore been looking for a cure for chronic diseases. The Dietmar Krämer method treats chronic complaints. The possibilities with remedies seem really limitless. It is also often claimed…. If you have a deep gloom without a recognizable cause, you can take those and those essences. The long time that I have worked with essences has shown that there are 19 states of mind from which deep gloom can come without any recognizable cause. A good and analytical history is therefore also very important. I myself am his co-worker and together we have established C.I.N.T., the international center for new therapies, and training is being given in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Take into account the relationships between the flowers

Relationships between the flowers make it possible to determine which flower covers the superficial side of a complaint and which covers the deeper cause. In this way a hierarchical classification is established that determines future therapy. This is a very important tool, especially when the patient apparently needs a large number of flowers and they don’t know where to start. If the actual complaints have been removed, then this classification can be used to find out which hidden negative soul concepts have led to the existing complaints. In this way we can, if desired, continue the therapy with the aim of expanding consciousness.

Diagnosis according to the skin areas of the bach flowers

Each flower is associated with zones on the skin, comparable to the reflex zones of the feet. In negative moods, changes in the energetic structure occur at those places, often accompanied by pain or sensitivity disorders. That way we can make flower diagnoses purely based on the location.

Applications of the bach flowers on the skin

By directly applying the relevant flowers (in diluted composition) to the disrupted zones, we can considerably increase the effect of the flowers. In this way, not only negative moods recover much faster than with taking drops, but also physical complaints usually disappear immediately after applying the flowers to the skin. The Bach flower therapy is therefore not only hygiene for the soul for the “harmonization of the psyche”, as it is often recommended, but also a therapy for the treatment of physical complaints.

Objective diagnostic options

Management correspondences exist between the Bach flower tracks on the one hand, which result from the mutual relationships between the Bach flowers, and the acupuncture meridians. Ultimately, meridian and Bach flower tracks are manifestations of the same principle, but at two different vibrational levels. This fact provides a whole range of new diagnostic and therapeutic options. For example, we can deduce from the course of the meridian which flower tracks we need. The same applies to the Chinese meridian clock, which offers starting points for choosing the right Bach flowers in the case of complaints that occur at a specific time. With the help of new test and therapy points on the lunar lines discovered by Dietmar Kramer, the counterparts of acupuncture meridians on an even finer material level, we can make an objective Bach flower diagnosis, especially in cases that are more difficult to diagnose. In this way, not only negative moods recover much faster than with taking drops, but also physical complaints can usually disappear faster after applying the flowers to the skin.


Supports with

  • Emotional mood complaints
  • Problems with change
  • Adapt to new situations
  • Fear with known and unknown cause
  • Emotional Overload
  • Negative personal self-image
  • Emotional traumas

Treatment and Result

Tackling emotional imbalances that have been built up over the years does not go away in a matter of days. The rule that is used is the number of years that you are bothered by something, the number of months it takes for the problem to be solved.


It is always important to always make a good diagnosis and thus assess what caused the emotional problems. This allows one to work thoroughly with emotions and to solve the existing emotional problems.

Focus on people

With the bach flower therapy, people are central and not the symptom. Bach essences are able to tackle the underlying problems of the imbalance. Bach flower essences and bach flower therapy turn negative states of mind into positive qualities.

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