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Home » Our Brands » Indigo Essences for children by Ann Callaghan


What are Indigo Essences?

Indigo Essences are gem essences made in Ireland by Ann Callaghan and her cousins, Ben and Mica, and a spiritual team. These essences are specifically made for emotional support for New Age children (indigo children), also for adults, in order to maintain the natural, spiritual balance during this busy time.

Why are the essences called “Indigo?

The color “indigo” is often described as the color of the sky when a new day starts. This is the time of day when all children are loved and cared for and we can be ourselves. This is how we see “Indigo”: as a moment in time, not something for special people. That is why we have called the essences “Indigo” because we hope that these essences will help everyone during this great time change. Imagine what that would be like! If people treat children differently now, we will also change the world. These children will develop into adults who populate the world with love, compassion and integrity without fear.

By changing the way people treat children, we will also change the world. These children will develop into adults who fearlessly populate the world with love, compassion and integrity – imagine what that would be like!

… and adults too?
Many adults have asked us if they can also use the essences. Of course you can. We are all children on the inside. We even gave ‘Invisible Friend’ to a baby porcupine that had lost its mother and did not want to eat anymore. Shortly after he received the essence he started eating again and became big and strong.

Let go of fear – Let love come in!

The gemstones used for the Indigo Essences are all related to childhood issues, especially helping to let go of fear, so that they help us to be loving without worry and the light that we actually are.

Indigo Essences – Overview

emotional support!

The Indigo Essences can successfully help the entire family to guide them through difficult times. And finally, have a little fun! If you get extremely tense, take a look at the Essence Plurk combination.


Some of the Essences will also help with unpleasant feelings when our body changes energy and becomes lighter.

fealing save

The essences will help very sensitive children to feel safe and comfortable while their bodies adapt to the energies in the world around them.


Indigo Essences can be ordered separately at

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