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Indigo Essences Combination Essences

The combination of essence names are mainly chosen by Ben and Mica (11 & 10 years back then). They are a ‘Ready to Use’ that will provide emotional support for most things that often happen to children – such as being bullied, feeling lonely, nasty feelings, difficult times at school etc. The names are obvious and children of almost any age can choose the essences themselves.



For emotional support when you feel bullied, rub some champion over your belly and the bullies will give up. Champion helps to help the child who is afraid of others and is often bullied. With Champion you experience that a shield for a weakened “solar plexus” is formed and also help repair the damage. Champion wants us to know that our real power comes from within us and that we can evoke that power by breathing deeply and imagining that we are already strong. We have no real enemies, love is stronger than anything in the universe.


When you experience cooking on the inside, this essence contributes to a relaxed feeling, which will reduce your anger. Chill carries the child who is very, very angry and cannot find a way out. Chill wants us to know that by locking the anger inside, it won’t go away. Chill will help us realize why we are angry and will make it easier to talk about this.


If you feel nervous or panicked or if you experience having a block of metal in your stomach – just rub some confidence over your stomach and you will no longer feel a “gang”. Confidence helps emotionally support the child who does not believe in himself. Confidence wants us to know that we are special and extraordinary creatures just by being ourselves and we don’t have to prove that to anyone!


Do not be fooled if you experience feeling bad, with the help of Happy you experience your piece a happier. Happy contributes to the emotional support for children who often feel bad and don’t know why. Also think of children who try to lock up and hide their sadness. This may have to do with the idea that if they start crying, they will no longer be able to stop crying. This essence Happy lets you experience that you are allowed to cry, even if you do not know why. It’s okay, the tears stop and the sun can shine in your heart again.

Invisible Friend

To provide emotional support for when you feel lonely or scared and you wish someone was there to give you a hug and say that everything will be okay. Invisible friend is for the child who often feels very lonely and has no one to talk to. Invisible friend wants you to know that you are never alone. You are surrounded by people you do not always see that they love you, but will always be there for you to talk to. They know who you are and what you are doing on the planet and will do anything to help you.


When you experience such pain and anger that you think you can’t feel anything, just experience cold and stone inside, then this essence of love contributes to repairing the emotional damage. This essence was made after September 11 by Ben, Mica and Jen (7 years). They made a gift of the love they felt in their lives for all the children in the world who did not have enough. Love is to provide emotional support for the child who is deeply affected by a lack of love in their lives. Love wants to say to you: “Don’t give up love. Even though things have been so difficult in your life – don’t give up. Love is all around you. Love will find you – but you must let it in. ”

No Fear

To provide emotional support when strange noises disturb you and scare you at night or when you feel strange in your stomach without end in sight. No fear contributes to the sensitive and timid child who feels scared all the time. No fear wants us to know that sometimes everyone experiences being afraid. Supported in the feeling of never being alone. You will experience always being loved and supported by your guardian angels.


If you experience feeling bored or feeling overwhelmed with homework, Plurk will support you emotionally and help you feel and work more relaxed. (also very good for adults). Plurk contributes to the emotional support for the child who becomes nervous about the things they have to do and puts too much pressure on themselves to succeed. Plurk helps you to know that life is pleasant. Do not take everything too seriously and do not believe someone who is trying to tell you something else.


When you feel restless, this essence will help you support emotionally and will not make you feel knocked down. Settle contributes to the child who feels very uncomfortable in his / her physical body and cannot focus his / her attention on something for a long time. Settle wants to help you relax, breathe in and know that it’s safe to “just be.”


As an emotional support to show no fear of who you are, seem clear, you really are a star. Shine contributes to the child who has learned to behave cold, cynically and insensitive, so that they feel accepted by their environment. Shine supported in the experience of letting you know that it is safe to be who you really are. Shine also helps to let you know that by being yourself, you will really help others to be themselves.

Sleep Easy

For emotional support if you experience fear, the moment to close your eyes to see something unpleasant or surprising. Sleep Easy helps the child experience fear during the night. Experience has shown that these children are sensitive to energy and indescribable energies, which causes difficulties in being able to relax physically. Provides support to relax the body and let go of fear.

The Works

For emotional support when you don’t know what’s wrong, the works will help you feel strong again. This essence helps you to remember the point of everything, it will help you to continue in your life. The works is to support the child who feels lost, who always says “what am I doing here, I want to go home”. The works wants you to know that when you are very loved and all the help you need is waiting – you just have to ask for it. The works can be used as support in emergencies, such as first aid will help you find balance and stabilize the energy body and show you what essences are needed afterwards. The works can be emotionally supportive for the somewhat older teenager who feels as if he / she is going to ‘flip’ and can even harm themselves or others.


Indigo Essences can be ordered separately at

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