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Star Remedies started in 1985 with the sale of flower essences and bach flower essences. Through the years we have extended our activities with import, export, distribution and production of a wide variety of health products.

Our Philosophy

Our goal has always been to support both nature and animal-friendly products. We are also focused on establishing a good reputation based on integrity and involvement where our key focuss is on both quality and service.

Our Goals

Since the start back in 1985, Star Remedies has focused on one goal; supplying high quality products with optimal service and support towards retail, therapists and consumers.

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The online store of Star Remedies B.V. is certified by Stichting Webshop Keurmerk and EMOTA European Trustmark.wsk_pt1_smallemota Our webshop is equipped with a secure SSL connection; As a result all data is encrypted and can not be read by third parties. Star Remedies BV attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. In our privacy policy we want to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle your personal data.

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Star Remedies

Star Remedies flower essences are prepared from wild plants and flowers found both in The Netherlands and in the rest of the world. As well as the traditional flower essences, four essences are made from non-plant materials such as gemstones. Star Remedies flower essences are made in complete tranquillity and with the fullest possible intent towards the flower. This allows the flower to transfer its full potential to the mineral water. The same applies to essences created from non-plant materials. Whilst Star Remedies are prepared using the same method developed by Dr. Edward Bach to make his essences, they are not traditional Bach flower remedies.

  • Star Remedies have been prepared by Madeleine and Micha Meuwessen since 1999.
  • Development is a very important aspect of preparing new essences aimed at helping mankind. These developments enable Star Remedies to move with the new times while at the same time upholding the old traditions. Change is the only constant.
  • Pureness is a key property of Star Remedies. The essences are handmade with complete dedication and in dialogue with the flowers. This creates a powerful synergy which results in pure essences.
  • Purity is essential for essences. Purity flows throughout essences which have been produced out of synergy between creator and plant.

Star Remedies

I rimedi floreali “Star Remedies” sono preparati da piante selvatiche e fiori che si trovano sia nei Paesi Bassi che in tutto il mondo. Troverete, oltre ai rimedi floreali, 4 essenze che non sono preparate con vegetali. (Per esempio anche con cristalli).

Star Remedies sono realizzati in condizioni di assoluta pace ed osservando il più grande rispetto verso il fiore. Ciò permette al fiore di trasmettere all´acqua il suo intero potenziale vibratorio. Questo vale anche per i Rimedi non preparati da vegetali.

Pur osservando e mantenendo l´identico metodo e procedimento di preparazione insegnato da Dr. Edward Bach non si tratta di Fiori di Bach tradizionale.

  • Star Remedies sono prodotti dal 1999 da Madeleine e Micha Meuwessen.
  • La preparazione dei nuovi rimedi ha un importante obiettivo finale: sostenere l´umanità per potersi adeguare ai tempi moderni. Tale rilevante aspetto era l’obiettivo finale per la loro creazione. Sviluppo, incremento dei Rimedi Floreali; per meglio dire si tratta di evoluzione, pur mantenendo nel contempo vive le antiche tradizioni.
  • Proprietà ineccepibile ed importante dei Star Remedies è il concetto di purezza. I rimedi sono preparate con dedizione assoluta e in dialogo con i fiori, creando una sinergia tra essi e i preparatori ed ottenendo così essenze pure.
  • Purezza, un concetto fondamentale per essenze in generale. La purezza, già frutto della sinergia tra il Creatore e la pianta è del tutto presente nei rimedi.

Star Remedies

Star Remedies Blütenessenzen werden aus wilden Pflanzen und Blumen bereitet, die sowohl in den Niederlanden wie in der ganzen Welt gefunden werden. Außer den traditionellen Blumenessenzen gibt es vier Essenzen, die aus nicht pflanzlichen Substanzen hergestellt werden, wie z.B. aus Edelsteinen.

Star Remedies Blütenessenzen werden in völliger Ruhe und mit der möglichst größten Sorgfalt für die Blume hergestellt. Dies ermöglicht der Blume, dem Mineralwasser ihr ganzes Potential zu übertragen. Dies gilt auch für Essenzen, die aus nicht Pflanzen hergestellt worden sind.

Bei der Herstellung der Star Remedies wird zwar die gleiche von Dr. Edward Bach entwickelte Vorgangsweise eingehalten, es handelt sich jedoch nicht um die traditionellen Bach Blütenessenzen.

  • Star Remedies werden schon seit 1999 von durch Madeleine und Micha Meuwessen hergestellt.
  • Entwicklung ist ein sehr wichtiger Aspekt bei der Herstellung neuer Essenzen, die darauf zielen, der Menschheit zu helfen. Diese Entwicklungen ermöglichen Star Remedies mit der modernen Zeit mitzugehen, während gleichzeitig alte Traditionen lebendig gehalten werden. Änderung durch Entwicklung ist die einzige Konstante.
  • Reinheit is eine sehr wichtige Eigenschaft von Star Remedies. Die Essenzen werden mit äußerster Hingabe und im Dialog mit den Blumen zubereitet. Dies schafft eine kräftige Synergie, die zu reinen Essenzen führen.
  • Reinheit ist wesentlich für Essenzen. Reinheit strömt völlig durch Essenzen die das Ergebnis der Synergie zwischen Schöpfer und Pflanze sind.

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