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Star Remedies
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Wholesale & distribution of flower remedies,
manuka honey, pipette bottles and natural body care products

Star Remedies B.V. Import, export, distribution and production of food supplements, health products, flower essences, Bach flower remedies, gemstone essences, Manuka honey, essential oils, gemstones, natural deodorants, glassware, pipette bottles, glassware and natural products in the Benelux and the rest of the world .

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Star Remedies Natural And Animal Friendly Products Since 1985!

When Star Remedies was founded in 1985, its core values and goals were simple; namely selling high-quality products with a focus on nature and animal-friendly products with a service orientation. We wanted to give our customers a reason to do business with us both as consumers and as a business customer and to give brands a reason to allow us to represent them, driven by our passion, quality and service orientation. More than 30 years later, we stand behind our promise and are proud of our company. Every day we are committed to providing excellent service and distributing high-quality products to wholesalers, professionals and consumers.

Star Remedies started in 1985 with the sale of Bach remedies. Over the years, we have expanded our range, as a wholesaler, with several brand groups; including flower remedies, nutritional supplements, health products, Manuka honey, essential oils, gemstones, natural cosmetics and pipette bottles. Over the years, our brands have become a familiar face in Europe and did you know that we donate 1% of our turnover to animal charities every year!

Star Remedies is your partner for you as a wholesaler, as a professional and as a consumer.

You can easily register online as a professional and for consumers you can go directly to our online store.

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