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The Scottish Highland Essences have been developed to help people evolve their spiritual path whilst harnessing the vibrational qualities nature has to offer by making them available for those needing to develop their spiritual path.


Empowers humanity to believe what they stand for without succumbing to outside influences. Gives inner strength to keep going no matter how great or how heavy the resistance is from the outside.

Follow your king, Follow your god, please be free and I set thy free. Follow the light and go in peace.

Rosslyn Chapel

Ensures that people are able to develop their true spiritual path, without obstacles in their way and removing any blockages. Once you use this remedy, it enables you to actually walk the spiritual path. You can compare it to removing the cork from a champagne bottle.

By taking this essence, the spiritual blockage (read: cork) disappears, so that people are then able to actually develop themselves spiritually because energy can flow from the spiritual to the physical.

It ensures that your own divine piece and the connection with the divine is actually established. It ensures that your awareness of the spiritual path becomes tangible so that it will become a tangible part of your own development.

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