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What are essential oils

Essential oil has been used since ancient times and well before. Essential oils come in many types; from fleeting to very syrupy. Essential oils are extracted from plants, blossoms, leaves, barks or wood by means of various extraction processes.

Essential oil is available from cheap to expensive; depending on the quality and scarcity of the essential oil. Another very important aspect is the production process that determines the quantity and quality of the essential oil. Cheaper essential oils such as orange oil are simple and cheap due to the many orange producers. Precious essential oils such as Narcissus oil is a time-consuming process that requires a great deal of raw material.

Essential oils

Essential oils can be used in various ways. Essential oils can be evaporated in essential oil burners , applied to clothing and linen (pay attention to the type and type of essential oil used) !). It is very important to know that essential oils are in fact concentrates and are therefore not suitable for dripping on plastic or varnished surfaces. The same also applies to plastic baths. Essential oil is also nice in the bath, however, essential oil floats on water and does not mix.

It is not advisable to apply essential oil purely to the skin. It is best to mix the oil with jojoba oil or almond oil.

Important to know
> Do not use internally (not suitable for consumption)
> Do not use during pregnancy
> Keep out of reach of children
> Keep out of reach of open fire
> Only suitable for external use; prevent contact with eyes and mouth

How are essential oils extracted / made?

There are many different methods to produce essential oils.

Steam distillation
Steam is sent by the plant parts after which the oil present in the plant or blossom evaporates. After everything has cooled and precipitated into water, the oil can be separated from the water

This method of extraction is frequently used with citrus fruits and is usually extracted from the skin.

Dry distillation
This method, among other things, heats the wood slowly, causing the oil to evaporate, after which it is condensed again.

Liquid extraction
This method is a very intestinal production process with the least yield, making these types of essential oils very expensive. These essential oils are called absolue.

This method of extraction by means of liquid (water) captures the water vapor.

This method is a wonderful and ancient method of making essential oil. Animal fat was and is used for this, after which rose petals are pressed, among other things. The fat is spread on large areas with mesh. After the fat has absorbed the essential oil, the fat is boiled in alcohol. This causes the alcohol to evaporate and the essential oil to precipitate as a liquid.

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