Star Remedies PURE – 100% natural crystal deodorant

100% Natural – 100% deodorant

STAR REMEDIES PURE, a natural mineral salt that occurs naturally in nature that has been used for centuries. A source for a natural deodorant.

How does Pure work?

The natural effect neutralizes the bacteria that cause the sweat odor. STAR REMEDIES PURE is applied to damp skin where a very thin layer remains. The molecular structure of the crystal is too large to pass through the skin and will therefore not clog the pores. STAR REMEDIES PURE ensures that the natural process is not disturbed and allows the skin to breathe without the unpleasant odor. STAR REMEDIES PURE contains no alcohol, no perfume and no emulsifiers. In fact, nothing that is made, processed, assembled or extracted by man. SO NATURALLY!

Use of PURE

Do not dry the skin after washing. Take the crystal and go gently with it under the armpits a number of times. If the skin is no longer wet, make the crystal a little wet under the tap. A microscopic layer of the crystal will now remain on the skin and will neutralize the bacteria that cause the unpleasant odor. Simple and easy to use. The deodorant will certainly last for 1 year. Calculate the benefit yourself.

Marijke Helwegen & Pure deodorant

What a fantastic product is your PURE deodorant stick. The stick works great and without all those unhealthy and often unnatural, chemical additives is 100% natural, stain-free and odor-free. I have now used the PURE stick for about 2 months daily during presentations and at TV performances and it meets all expectations. I can recommend the PURE deodorant to anyone who wants to smell fresh and stay healthy. Marijke Helwegen


Recommended by the professionals, it is ideal for people who suffer from allergies, sensitive skin and those who are health conscious. The bacteria that cause the unpleasant odor are naturally neutralized and gives you 24 hours protection. Most deodorants contain aluminum chlorohydrate. STAR REMEDIES PURE is 100% Ammonium Sulfate. This form of deodorant has been used in Asia for centuries. STAR REMEDIES PURE is safe to use and contains no chemicals. STAR REMEDIES PURE is the purest deodorant of today.


Star Remedies PURE supports charities. 1% of the sale is donated to a good animal purpose.
All Star Remedies PURE products are not tested on animals, contain no animal components and are 100% environmentally friendly.