Monofloral Kanuka Honey

Kanuka Honey

Kanuka Honey. Hidden in the rolling valleys of New Zealand, lies the golden nectar of the Kanuka honey bee. This rare honey is collected only once a season when the flowers of the Kanuka tree are in full bloom. Kanuka Honey is a very unique honey. Originating from new Zealand, this honey is characterized by its unique and high-quality qualities. Kanuka Honey has a beautiful taste and offers support to both your healthy digestion and resistance. In addition, Kanuka Honey can also be applied to the skin. Kanuka Honey is one of the best kept secrets of Mother Nature from New Zealand.

High-quality Kanuka Honey with unique phytonutrients and AGP (Arabinogalactan protein).

Kanuka Honey provides natural support for your healthy digestion and resistance and offers support for various types of skin irritations. Kanuka Honey is raw and not heated. AGP (Arabinogalactan protein) is a scientific (IANZ) measurable component.


Kanuka Honey is tested in laboratories (IANZ accredited) for Methylglyoxal, DHA, HMF and AGP. Kanuka Honey contains the unique AGP protein; this provides natural support for the healthy immune system. AGP (Arabinogalactan protein) is measured in mg / kg.