Zeezout uit Cornwall

Cornish Sea Salt

We have captured the freshness and purity of the Atlantic Ocean in our jars of salt crystals from the coast of Cornwall. The unique mineral profile of the crystals ensures sing, spice and sweetness in your cooking skills. The crispy crystal formation adds texture and delicious little salt bags. Naturally lower in sodium and with more than 60 healthy trace minerals, our crystals really take a beating so that you get away with 30% less use of other salts for the same intensity of taste.

It was a coincidental discovery that inspired the reinvention of the old Cornish Sea Salt industry for the modern world. The original founder, Tony Fraser, stumbled upon an iron age salt tissue while walking in a secluded bay on the south coast of Cornwall. Most people would have made a mental note and continue their lives. But Tony wanted to answer: why is such an essential element of the agricultural and fur farming sector in the province becoming extinct? Because rock salt had become an easier way to harvest the mineral.

The idea influenced him so deeply that he was determined to re-imagine the sea salt industry for the 21st century. Cornish Sea Salt was founded in 2008 to bridge the ancient and modern worlds. The production is still inspired by the original methods to harvest the goodness of the ocean, but nowadays it is sustainable and ecologically responsible. Moreover, the old industry is future-proof for the community and routed in ethical ideals. This would be one of the few marine salt industries that harvest from open water, more specifically the protected waters of the Atlantic Ocean that lurk on the shores of The Lizard, a designated Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty.

And among the beauty there is a totally unique geographical environment, which determines the taste and the high mineral content of our sea salt. Serpentine, once so popular in the Victorian era, and gabbro, are both rich in magnesium and calcium, two of the most important minerals in our sea salt and essential for life on earth.

Our distinctive blue pots are just as good in Michelin starred restaurants as on the tables of home cooks who appreciate not only the taste and quality of artisanal sea salt, but also the exciting versatility and creativity that it can offer.

Regular or Flakes?

Cornish Sea Salt Original Crystals are more moist and crumbly than flakes and stay crispy for longer. If it’s the texture and taste you’re looking for, these are great for adding a hint of spicy mineral flavor to sweets and bakery products such as brownies, ice cream, and salted caramel, as well as salads and roasted vegetables. The original crystals are also ideal for toppings on fish and meat, combined with fresh herbs and breadcrumbs.

Our Cornish Sea Salt Flakes, on the other hand, are more delicate with a mineral-rich taste that initially touches the taste buds and withdraws to strengthen other ingredients. The flakes are ideal as a focal point for use as a condiment or as a finishing salt on most dishes. For cooking, sprinkle on cod or haddock fillets or place the scallops with butter and sea salt flakes before grilling. They will also melt more easily, making them especially good in sauces, marinades or meat that rubs over meat.

Sea salt will benefit your body

There are healthy and unhealthy ways to consume salt. Here are a few things you should know to celebrate the taste and essential health benefits of sea salt for your body.

Mass produced table salt is processed and loses so much of its natural mineral content that iodine is added to it again, as well as anti-caking agents. The so-called ‘raw’, unprocessed salts (Cornish Sea Salt is one) hold onto the most important minerals that are extremely beneficial to human health. Cornish Sea Salt is harvested from such a special geological location that it retains more than 60 natural minerals that cling to the sodium chloride and stay there. The most important of these are potassium, magnesium and calcium, vital for human well-being. We all know why we need calcium, but magnesium and potassium are less understood. For the wellbeing of nerves and cells, for muscles and for regulating blood sugar levels, even for sleep and anxiety, magnesium is essential for our body, yet one of the most common mineral deficiencies in modern life. Potassium helps regulate the amount of fluid in the body and ensures proper functioning of the heart. Neither is optional for a healthy life.

We all have to look at our salt intake. Yes, on one level that is true, but it is estimated that only 15% of the salt that we consume comes from what we add ourselves and the rest from processed food. Simply put: add as much salt as possible to your own cooking process, but keep an eye on the salt that has already been demolished in prepared dishes. If you are still worried about salt intake, we have good news about Cornish Sea Salt: the mineral profile is so – good – salt that you can use up to 30% less and still get the same saltiness as other salts on the market. Chef and restaurateur Mark Hix celebrates Cornish Sea Salt as: “British sea salt at its best, the fresh, clean and intense taste means that you can use less than other brands.” We are not only tasty, we are also healthy and once you have come into contact with your salts by squeezing instead of pouring, you will have a much greater appreciation for one of the most vital elements of the human diet.

Cornish Sea Salt – the difference

We did not invent Cornish Sea Salt. It has always been there: in the curl of the Cornish gulf, the barrels of the furling industry and on the gas fires of the settlers of the Iron Age. But we want to reinvent the way you see salt. Our goal is simply to share our excitement and passion for using one of the most versatile and valuable resources on the planet. You care where your food comes from, so do we. That is why our salt is harvested in the purest Atlantic waters, just eight meters from the salt house. You care about your health and you care about the taste of your food. Table salt has its place in the cupboard, but we also know that cheaper salt has additives and much of its mineral content has been stripped. Cornish Sea Salt is packed on the lid with essential minerals. In fact, our salt retains so many of the good things from the sea that you can use 30% less to get the same effect of taste. But do you know your flakes from your crystals? Have you realized that salt is actually good for you? And can you describe a traditional salt as you talk about a good glass of wine? And that is why we are here – we can shout about origin, health, sustainability and a sprinkle of that Cornish je ne sais quoi, but the most important thing is that we want to teach you the secrets of salt.

Cornish Sea Salt – Sea salt product overview

Sea Salt
75 gr.

Sea Salt
225 gr.

Sea Salt (flakes)
150 gr.

Sea Salt
1500 gr.

Sea Salt (flakes)
1000 gr.

Cornish Sea Salt – Sea salt mix product overview

Cornish Sea Salt – Fresh & Zesty
50 gr.

If life gives you lemons, make salt. We have packed the Mediterranean Sea in one of our most accessible flavored salts for a concentrated burst of sun-drenched herbs. We not only add fresh lemon zest and lemon oil to our lemon and thyme salt, but also a touch of garlic, onion and parsley, and provide a truly authentic taste experience of one of the world’s most popular diets. Our 50g pot is perfectly dimensioned to be at the center of your dining table or to pack with a summer picnic.

Content: 50gr.
Ingredients: Sea salt 70%, onion 20%, roasted garlic 3%, lemon zest 2%, thyme 2%, lemon oil 2%, parsley 1%.

Cornish Sea Salt – Hot & Fiery
50 gr.

Take two old and well-known ingredients: sea salt and chili, mix them together carefully and you will get a salty burst of heat with every nip. Fresh zingy tones from the sea are shot through with the rounded heat of a luxurious chili mix. With slightly more than 40% sea salt, our version also contains a Santa Cruz chili blend, Jalapeño pepper, garlic, onion, red pepper and tomato. Guaranteed to set the simplest dishes.

Our 50gr pot is perfectly dimensioned to be at the center of your kitchen table or ideal for packing for summer picnics.

Content: 50gr.
Ingredients: Cracked black peppers 50%, pink pepper 15%, chili flakes 10%, Dulse 10%, sea salt 10%, Nori 5%

Cornish Sea Salt – Really Garlicky
50 gr.

Two simple ingredients and nothing else. Our Garlic Sea Salt is a special mix of sea salt and roasted garlic. The only thing we add is the depth of taste and a soft sweetness by slowly roasting our garlic bulbs. The only thing we take away is the extra work of peeling and chopping. Real Garlicky can replace fresh garlic in any recipe, and a pinch and a scrunch is all that is needed to get the same great taste.

Our 55g pot is perfectly dimensioned to be at the center of your dining table or to take along with a summer picnic.

Content: 55gr.
Ingredients: Sea salt (82%), roasted garlic (18%)

Cornish Sea Salt – Salt & Peppery
60 gr.

We don’t want to brag, but we think it’s the chili that really makes our sea salt and luxury pepper. It is all about the fine detail and that is why we have carefully mixed a mix of sea salt with cracked black peppercorns, red pepper and green pepper, not to mention the chili pepper. Why settle for the same old black pepper and kitchen salt when you can do so much better? We have done a lot, much better for you.

Our 60g pot is perfectly dimensioned to be at the center of your dining table or to take along with a summer picnic.

Content: 60gr.
Ingredients: Sea salt (59%), cracked black peppers 20%, red peppers 15%, cracked green peppers 5%, red pepper 1%

Cornish Sea Salt – Savoury Umami
55 gr.

Two giants from the sea come together to make this one of our most tasty salts. A high glutamate content gives seaweed a natural “umami” buzz and with a mix of 34% sugar-kelp seaweed and 66% sea salt, a spreader button is enough to excite your taste buds. Our Seaweed Sea Salt duo delivers a mineral, spicy, savory richness directly from the depths of the sea, soaked in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Content: 60gr.
Ingredients: Sea salt 75%, Kelp 25%

Cornish Sea Salt – Smoked Flake Sea Salt
50 gr.

We have only started building our own cold smoke machine on location, so that we can really deliver the rich smoky flavor in every swat. Our mineral-rich sea salt flakes are infused with cold smoke from cherries and apple wood and give that summer bbq grill taste. It is the refined umami taste and the enormous exciting versatility of this product that makes it one of our most popular.

Our 50g pot is perfectly dimensioned to be at the center of your dining table or to pack with a picnic.

Content: 50gr.
Ingredients: Sea salt (100%); Sea salt that has been smoked over green oak, apple and cherry wood

Cornish Sea Salt – Peppery Umami
40 gr.

We have taken over the idea of salt and pepper and have given it a twist. Let us introduce you to the Original Sea Pepper: black and green peppercorns, sea lettuce, sugar seaweed and sea salt. The result? All seasoned warm heat of peppercorns with a shot of mineral goodness from two seaweeds, plus the freshness of natural sea salt.

It is pepper and salt with added spice, more an ingredient than a seasoning and we are confident that you want to add a large number of dishes in your food cupboard for an extra trifle.

Content: 40gr.
Ingredients: Black peppers 60%, green peppers 15%, sea lettuce 10%, sea salt 10%, Kelp 5%

Cornish Sea Salt – Fiery Umami
40 gr.

Shake the food cupboard and try a new and exotic taste experience. Black and pink peppercorns, chili, seaweed and, of course, sea salt come together in one of our most exciting (and beautiful) pinch salts that create a deep depth of flavor that exudes an incredible taste in meat, fish and vegetables. But it’s not just about good looking and tasting, this mix also has a real health impact: the mineral goodness of seaweed and sea salt plus the antioxidants and vitamin C of chili peppers.

Content: 40gr.
Ingredients: Black peppers 50%, pink pepper 15%, chili flakes 10%, Dulse 10%, sea salt 10%, Nori 5%